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Lamarche answers questions about ONcourt

ONcourt had been a great vehicle on different occasions to voice opinions and ask questions which eventually lead to some positive changes in the overall direction of Canadian tennis. This occurred in the late 1980’s when a series of editorials led to an overall positive evaluation and change of the Canadian Tennis System. The new ezine version of ONcourt in the 2000’s continued its investigating and questioning approach of Canadian Tennis Development as well as the promoting of Canadian tennis. The results were quite interesting with many readers supporting the questions raised in the editorials as they felt they could not do so themselves. Even more interesting was the approach taken by those who felt threatened by the opinions that were outlined. Ignoring the content of the editorials and making the behind the scene rebuttals personal created a very acrimonious relationship between all parties involved.

ACE REPLAY – Seeing is believing

ACE REPLAY is the product of a lifetime of wanting to develop a coaching tool which is definitely an unbelievable asset. Video replay has been around for decades. When I was a coach at Mississippi State University I was always fascinated by the football coaches who would break down game films of their teams and their opponents to prepare for upcoming games. It made so much sense and I always wanted to use it with tennis.

Cedar Springs to host the II Ontario Junior Team Championships presented by ACE Canada

March 25, 2014

Burlington, Ontario

For immediate release:

The II Annual Ontario Junior Team Championships, presented by ACE Canada, will take place on three successive weekends in May at the Cedar Springs Health, Racquet & Sportsclub in Burlington, Ontario. Kyrylo Tabunshchyk, the Tournament Director said: “We are very happy to make this event an annual one on the Ontario Tournament Spring Schedule. Not only does it bring a different competitive format, it also attracts teams and players from outside the province. Hopefully, one day this can become a National competition.” This year the event will offer three age group competitions with the addition of an Under 9 Team competition [See Fact Sheet for information].

Clement Golliet: “Overhead Sport and Resistance Training”

Overhead sports are more likely to develop muscular discrepancy, even more when athletes start at a young age. They will be more likely to experience bad posture and continued errors in technique, which would put them more at risk for injuries. The best way to avoid any complication is prevention, which is why technique and exercise choice are paramount in resistance training and cannot be done randomly.

Wayne Elderton: “AceCoach e-Newsletter March”

Has anyone not heard of the power of goal-setting? Yet, even in this age of goal oriented sports, business, science, etc. tennis coaches are typically not very good at incorporating goals into their daily activities. Too many coaches come to lessons on ‘wing-it’ mode. Oh sure, they can do fun activities, however, these don’t add up to effective improvement as they should. To harness the power of practice, goals are required. Goals increase the effectiveness of your annual plans, seasonal plans, monthly plans, weekly plans, lesson plans, right down to the drill or activity being done. You can almost use the term ‘goals’ and ‘plans’ synonymously. The old adage, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is applicable here. A great plan is a series of goals that are SMART.

Hawk-Eye v FoxTenn: The Battle for Roland Garros

By Baseline Media Hawk-Eye v FoxTenn: The Battle for Clay-Court Supremacy Since Hawk-Eye officially became the first ITF-certified electronic line-calling system in 2005, electronic line-calling

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