Community Clubs Re-Opening Meeting

Photo: Craig Mercer

Hosted by Pierre Lamarche CEO of All Canadian and Craig Mercer Vice President Community Tennis, All Canadian.

Hello everyone,

We would like to invite all interested community club executives to attend a Zoom meeting we are hosting on May 20th where we will be sharing information regarding re-opening.  We hope this will be of assistance to community tennis clubs in Ontario.  Details for the meeting can be found in the email sent last week to our community club partners below.

Protocols Document for Reference:  All Canadian Protocols

We at All Canadian are hoping to assist our community partners in navigating the reopening of their club. We will host a Zoom meeting on Wednesday, May 20th at 4:00pm to discuss issues and solutions to the reopening.

On our end, we have been working with tennis industry professionals across the country to prepare documents and guidelines around reopening.  Participants have included members of Tennis Industry Canada (TIC) – a new national tennis network, the OTA and Tennis Canada.

Internally, we have held a series of management meetings in the past week to ensure that All Canadian can meet all the necessary protocols for reopening safely, including those for programming, use of facilities, tournaments, etc.  These protocols will be sent to you prior to Wednesday’s meeting.

Similarly, we have been in touch with the Government of Ontario to understand their interpretation of their May 14th announcement.  Various cities are reacting differently in terms of when they will grant permits for operation, while some cities – including Toronto – have been caught by surprise by the province’s announcement and are unsure how to proceed.  For this reason, it is essential that all relevant parties are informed so that proper lobbying and feedback can be provided to their respective cities as necessary.

All Canadian management is ensuring that all Ace staff and programming is ready to be promoted and implemented once all protocols have been agreed to by the boards of the community clubs.

Zoom Information
Meeting ID: 890 5530 3431
Password: 3D6XEb

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  1. Hi Richard,

    So others know as well, we will be posting the pdf within this article once the final revision is approved. The latest it will be posted is two hours prior to the call. That being said I will also forward copies to the two emails listed above.


  2. Please send me a copy of the protocol as well on behalf of Alliston Tennis Club. thank you.

  3. Please see document link in article under “Protocols Document for Reference”

  4. Good morning,

    I had a business Zoom meeting yesterday and sadly missed this meeting. Was it recorded? If so, kindly send me the link, so that I can listen to it.

    Thank you and have a nice day,


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