Growing the Game Out West: A Blueprint for Success – The Alberta Tennis Centre

Danny DaCosta, CEO, OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis Centre

Editor’s Note: my first stop out west this summer was visiting the Osten & Victor Alberta Tennis Centre in Calgary. I had heard so much about this new tennis oasis that I was looking forward to seeing what the fuss was all about with my own eyes, and I was not disappointed. My visit started with breakfast with Danny Da Costa, the CEO of the operation and Ron Ghitter, the Chairman of the club. Danny is experienced in all aspects of the sports industry (more about Danny). He has been involved in the development of Stephan Diez, a member of Canada’s Davis Cup team and was the executive director for Squash Ontario. Ron Ghitter has received the Order of Canada and is known for his advocacy of human rights (more about Ron). Their story and success need to be shared with all of us looking to build our great sport in our great country. They have agreed to let us publish their annual report, which shows the scope of their efforts.

See for yourself, check out the Alberta Tennis Centre annual report here: 2021 ATC Annual Report



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