Issue 1

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Pierre Lamarche: Making Light in Dark Times

Announcement ONcourt E-zine will serve as a communication vehicle for Canadian tennis coaches. We are creating a community that will bring coaches together, inspire players

Mike Hall: Calling On All Tennis Leaders, Coaches, Players and Parents….

I am writing this letter to you today to ask you to help ME ensure that we ALL have something great to return to when the time comes. If we don’t work to encourage the kids, find ways to help them, inspire them, show them we love and care about them, educate them, and help them understand that it’s all worth it – then we will lose them.

Yves Boulais: No Excuses… Get Working

Yves was proud to work with players including Greg Rudsedski, Patricia Hy, Oliver Marach, Eugenie Bouchard and Rebecca Marino, who achieved excellent results on the world stage. He was an Olympic Coach in Barcelona 1992 & Atlanta 1996, and Captain of the Canadian FedCup Team 1998 – 2000.

Larry Jurovich: Message to the Community

For me personally this has been the hardest day of my professional life today. Having to close the centres and understand the hardship my team will face is almost too much to bare. As many of you have already stated we need to, and I am trying to, find a way to make the most positive result out of this situation. I am working hard with my team to ensure the least possible negative effect on them or our players during this time. I appreciate the ideas already shared and will participate in them wholeheartedly.

Hernandez Pena and Menard: To Our Players

I understand that we are currently in an exceptional, difficult and long-term situation, but we must be proactive and take this opportunity to grow. As Robby mentioned before, we ask everyone to make an effort to stay in shape mentally and physically. We have taken the time to give you different resources to improve our athlete’s mental and physical form.

All in the Family

BY SCOTT LANGDON VIA THE O.T.A Cyprien Mboko didn’t play tennis, himself, but admired the sport and thought it would contribute to the physical fitness

The Importance of National Bank Open

With the first Grand Slam of the year winding down, I wanted to do a little introduction to the main draw players, who competed on the collegiate level before turning pro. This will be a short series of four parts: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles.

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