Pierre Lamarche: Making Light in Dark Times


ONcourt E-zine will serve as a communication vehicle for Canadian tennis coaches. We are creating a community that will bring coaches together, inspire players and inform parents, to ensure we are always helping our players achieve greatness.

In the past five years, Canada has received international recognition for its development of competitive players. This success is the result of a collaboration between Tennis Canada and the high quality of coaches and facilities across our country.

We are fortunate that the infrastructure has been created to credit Canadian coaches and ensure top quality leaders. This would not be possible without the new Canadian Certification System which was developed by top Canadian coaches, assessing the leadership and concepts advocated by Hall of Fame member, Louis Cayer.  I was approached by Ace coach Mike Hall who was developing a process for us to reach our players during this difficult time. Yves Boulais, former Fed Cup captain, and tennis director at ORC, Robby Menard, a great leader, and owner of MAA have already started the same process with their players.

We have collected a number of articles that will provide specific information on what some of our top Academies are doing for their players, as well as; informative videos, coach directives, and inspirational messages to help players develop, while off the court. Please share the link to ONcourt.ca with all your players, for them to access this relevant information.

Coaches; none of this would be possible without you. Canadian Tennis has been changed indefinitely thanks to your contributions. Let’s go one step further, be Canada Strong. Cooperate in sharing with your brother/sister coaches and we will come out of this dark period stronger than ever.

Forever Proud,

Pierre Lamarche
ONcourt Publisher

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  1. Congratulation Pierre, you and all the Canadian coaches are all doing a great job in developing successful programs which is the reason Canada tennis is the strongest it has ever been in my lifetime. ( I’m 77). Keep up the good work.

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