Mike Hall: Calling On All Tennis Leaders, Coaches, Players and Parents….

Written by: Mike Hall

Mike Hall is Director of High Performance at ACE Burlington and Head Coach for the International Team. He is a Tennis Canada Coach 4 candidate and has received numerous awards including the Tennis Canada Coaching Excellence Award (2012, ‘15, ‘17), Tennis Professional Association Gary Caron Scholarship Award and TPA Coach of the Year Award (2017).


This current period, as we all know, is going to be a challenging one in many aspects, for all of us.  How we respond to it can determine a lot about how we can proceed and succeed in the future.

I am writing this letter to you today to ask you to help ME ensure that we ALL have something great to return to when the time comes.  If we don’t work to encourage the kids, find ways to help them, inspire them, show them we love and care about them, educate them, and help them understand that it’s all worth it – then we will lose them.  We all know tennis is not a cheap sport and requires many many hours of sacrifice from our students on and off the court…just like it demands from us.  We are all in the business of High Performance – which is to operate at a HIGH STANDARD.  We request and hold our students to this standard, and as such, we have to request and hold one another to this standard.

Although I will work diligently to ensure that all students at ACE are involved, not forgotten, and to help them stay engaged – I would forever appreciate your help if we can all work together.  To ensure that ALL kids in Canada keep playing tennis.  That all kids keep their dreams alive.  That all of our students continue to believe that it’s all worth it….

We are going to restart ‘ON Court’ for coaches to have a voice.  To write an article for us would be a fantastic way to stay connected to the tennis world, promote yourself and your tennis facility or Academy, and show your athletes that you have faith in the process and are actively engaged in the tennis community.  It could be about planning, coaching, a personal story, your own philosophy.  Anything that you feel would be of interest to the students and or the tennis world.  A short little bio on yourself and attach a picture.

Again, I am asking you – not as an ACE coach – but personally for your help.  So we can all, hopefully soon, return to the wonderful family we have at each of our own facilities, with all of the wonderful students we have the benefit of influencing each and every day, whether on or off the court..

“When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening.  That’s where the power is” -A. McCaw

Wish you and your families health, and safety during this time.  We, as a community, a family, will prevail. Most importantly,
I am the luckiest coach to be involved with the most wonderful people.  Too many to name.

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