August Edition – Letter from the Editor

August 1, 2022

This month’s issue focuses on Ontario and its ongoing contribution to the success of Canadian Tennis. Canada’s two new tennis prospects, Vicky Mboko and Kayla Cross, are featured. We celebrate long-time Ontario coaches Richard Hernandez, Harry Greenan, Tony Roth and new coach Daniel Nestor. Two of the most impactful individuals for the future of Canadian tennis, Anita Comella and James Boyce, provide insight into what is happening behind the scenes. We also feature an article from Women’s Tennis Blog on Rebecca Marino and we catch up with former ACE Tennis student, Alejandro Tabilo, who both personify the commitment to success. Finally, we recognize the passing of one of Canada’s  international ambassadors, Peter Burwash.

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*We do not advocate for any specific political ideology, but we have set standards regarding the posting of harmful and denigrating pieces related to minority groups. We see our platform as a sacred space of voices, and thus, we view it as our responsibility to highlight the diversity in the sport and use our platform as a space of learning. That is why we exist. However, freedom of speech does not mean the freedom of hate speech.

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