Daniel Rosenbaum: The Chess Game of Tennis

Daniel Libeskind Rosenbaum is a tennis coach from South America born in Uruguay, studied at the School for Coaches of the Wingate Sports Institute in Israel, an ITF Level 2 Tennis Coach graduated in Social Sciences at the University of Sao Paulo. During a long and successful career, Daniel has been contributing to the tennis industry by making effective efforts to enrich and improve players and coaches. Since 1982, Daniel has been teaching and coaching at all levels, promoting the game and the participation in sports, designing and implementing tennis programs for young beginners, adults, juniors and professional players. As a participant, speaker and producer,  Daniel has participated in several national and international tennis course developments, conferences and workshops; approximately two hundred and fifty coaches’ courses and responsible for thousands of certifications. Among many activities founded and coordinated the Coaches Education Department for the Brazilian Tennis Confederation and directed the Achievement Program at the Israel Tennis Centers’ Association. Until recently, was coordinating development projects at Sao Paulo Tennis Federation in Brazil, introducing new management models, presenting modern teaching programs and integrating coaches through cooperation and common objectives. Also teaching patients in a Medical SPA using tennis as an important additional tool to combat the sedentary lifestyle, decrease obesity and improve emotional balance.

The Chess Game of Tennis
Written by: Daniel Rosenbaum

“Some say that tennis is like chess. Players must organize a game plan, program how to begin a match, have in mind and do the necessary adaptations perceived during the game…” Read full article here

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