Update on UK Tennis Situation with Master Louis Cayer

Written by: Louis Cayer

Captain, coach, advisor Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Olympics Canada and Great Britain 1989 – 2019. Coached 32 top 50 ATP, 8 #1 ATP Doubles players.
Major contributor to TC and LTA coaching system. ITF lecturer in over 25 countries. ITF recognition “Contribution to the Game”. Canadian Tennis Hall of Fame.


Hi everyone,

Pierre mentioned that ONCourt will be a platform where coaches can share ideas, provide important content for players and grow the tennis community, both in Canada and internationally- I look forward to reading each publication.

I write this message from home, where I have been self-isolated for the past week. However, this is no holiday, I am working even more than usual to develop; material, content, e-courses, etc.. to support coaches and players during this uncertain period.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to check out “Jamie Murray Tennis” on youtube (link here), for access to the extensive work he has contributed to the tennis world.

On another note, tennis in Great Britain remains accessible. As the government advised, we are practicing safe distancing, staying two meters apart, playing singles, and being outdoors. We are fortunate that tennis is a sport the public can still participate in, despite the current restrictions.

As I write this message to all of you, Friday, March 20th, 2020, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is announcing the closure of sports centres, pubs, restaurants, schools, etc., interestingly, almost a week after Canada.

With regards to Wimbledon, we are all wondering what will happen. The information we have thus far is the same as those of you reading this post. For now, all we know is that all professional tennis has been cancelled until June 8th. What is my prediction for the future state of things? I believe no decision will be made for the next couple of weeks, and will ultimately depend on the advice of the government.

Similarly, I hope the Canadian Masters will happen and that I get the chance to see many of you there.

The last thing I would like to share is a mindset I instil in all the players I coach, one I believe has greatly influenced all of the player’s performances; “whatever happens, I can handle it.” This mindset is achieved through a systematic, tactical development process, so that whoever the opponent, whatever the surface, regardless of the environment, or scoring, the players can, and will rise to the challenge as it is presented. This belief is second to none for managing the fears and worries of any competitor. I believe this is an invaluable mindset for us all to practice during this time of uncertainty. We know what we need to do, therefore, let’s handle this CoronaVirus strategically. Let’s be careful – for our own health and that of others. Let’s rise to the challenge as they are presented.

Sending you all my best wishes in these difficult times.

Kind regards,

Louis Cayer
LTA Performance Advisor

*** Since the initial draft of this message the British government has extended its closures to all other non-essential businesses. ***

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  1. Thank you Louis. I will definitely check out the “Jamie Murray Tennis” link. Your expertise and advise is always of such value to the tennis community.

    Thank you

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