Soccer, Tennis & Wellness Camp – A Leading Edge Camp for the Future

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide a camp experience for kids that integrates the body, mind and heart, giving kids the skills to nurture physical abilities, inner resilience and mindfulness.
To be known to provide a leading edge camp experience for the future and for community clubs across Canada
The recent popularity of tennis has created a demand from families that love the benefits accrued from the sport for developing youngsters. This demand has resulted in increased pressure on community tennis courts which has also created a need for more tennis coaches.
Taking the lead from Tennis Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development manual, All Canadian designed a program which respected the physical and emotional guidelines for younger children joining the sport to ensure a healthier approach to their long term development.
The first step was to design a summer camp in which families could introduce their children to healthy, fun filled activities while also providing them quality instruction found in more sport specific camps. The All Canadian Development team also added a Wellness component.
Adrian Boubalos, the Director of the All Canadian SoccerTennis-Wellness camps gathered the team of certified experts in their field to create a curriculum and activities which will not only provide enjoyment but also develop lifelong physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. Boubalos says; “Parents are looking for camps that will provide a well rounded rich experience for their kids. When this idea was first brought to my attention, I immediately knew it would become a leading edge camp for the future and for club communities across Canada”. The soccer program was developed in partnership with the Burlington Soccer Association.
The Tennis program was designed by Tennis Canada Course Conductor, Andy Sutton using the Ace System of program delivery.
Wellness components and supporting activities were developed by Anne Cathrine Bang in conjunction with certified tennis coaches, Kyle Martin and Walker Lamarche.
Adrian Boubalos then proceeded to develop all components in an easy to apply daily program to be administered and supervised by active school teachers or equally qualified experts.
All individual camp directors and their assistants will also go through a formation session to ensure conformity of delivery.
The concept was so well received that it will it be offered in:
  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Newfoundland
Ontario – Adrian Boubalos –
Newfoundland – Mike Meany –
British Columbia – Larry Jurovich –
Our wellness component will guide children to make
mindful choices and instill healthy habits to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Our camps will focus on wellness for approximately two hours each day, through
teachings such as yoga, nutrition and mindfulness.
Our programming is guided by the Ophea Healthy Schools Curriculum.
Validated by the Burlington Soccer Association
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