Monica Seles: Champion Words of Wisdom


Monica Seles: Champion Words of Wisdom

Monica Seles is known for her greatness in tennis as the Former World #1, but how did she get there? Find out in a discussion with Monica, as part of ICL Academy’s Champion Speaker Series for Tennis Juniors.

“The same way we practice weight lifting, cardio, and our sport, is how we need to practice mental focus,” says Monica Seles. “If practiced consistently and applied daily, you can remain focused even through the toughest matches.”

In the latest edition of ICL Champion Words of Wisdom, we hear from Monica Seles on focus, perseverance, and balancing education with an intense tennis training schedule.

About ICL Champion Words of Wisdom:

ICL Academy is a 6-12th grade online private high school for tennis players that combines an elite online education with character development, leadership skills, and mentorship from world champions and coaches. ICL Academy is the only school that actually tailors academics to students’ passion for Tennis.

Every month, ICL hosts webinars with global leaders and world- renowned champions. In these webinars our students have the opportunity to speak to champions directly and gain new perspectives about life on and off the court. ICL Champion Words of Wisdom is a peek into some of these conversations.

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Monica Seles dominated women’s tennis and won nine Grand Slam titles which included the Australian Open four times, the French Open three times and the US Open twice. Throughout her journey she was able to stay on top by embracing her whole self, both in her strengths and weaknesses. We encourage ONcourt readers to view highlights from this informative – and developmental – candid discussion with Monica Seles with current Tennis Juniors.

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