Stefanos Tsitsipas: Tennis’ Next Billionaire Athlete?


In the modern era, tennis players earn more posing for cameras and signing lucrative endorsements in boardrooms than they do for hitting balls over a net. One day soon, though, the ‘Big 3’ will leave a gap in the market, which the suits will look to fill. And even at this early stage in his career, it’s no exaggeration to say Stefanos Tsitsipas could one day be the world’s best-paid athlete – even if he isn’t the world’s best tennis player.


As independent contractors, tennis players are in total control of their off-the-field earnings and Tsitsipas now faces the challenge of making the most of the raw ingredients he has at his disposal. Should he combine his good looks, charisma and on-court genius with success, smart career planning and sensible business decisions, the sky’s the limit.


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