How Can We Improve Tennis in Canada? Advice From Our Soccer Friends


Looking forward to the future, the question is what can we do to make tennis better in this country. Tennis in Canada is going through a golden period with popularity up due to the great performances of our international level players and the desire to play the sport  as a result of the restrictions of Covid. This growing interest in the sport provides Canada an opportunity to implement a refined infrastructure and policies which will ensure the on-going growth of the sport.

Often in doing research we look to copy other successful infrastructures in tennis. Over the years, many of my lessons learned have come from studying coaches, infrastructure and policies in other sports. This outline of a system for developing soccer is one which certainly can serve all of us in going forward. Please give this excellent article by Frederick Duchesneau a read. Original article here in French, English below.

The Minor Soccer Revolution by La Presse

by Pierre Lamarche, Contributing Editor, ONcourt & Founder, All Canadian Sports Management

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