Before you Return to the Game: Let’s Work on Movement, Footwork and Balance

The Bailey Method identifies and provides solutions to more than 50 of the most common problems associated with movement, footwork and balance when playing tennis.

The Method is designed around the concept of the “5 R’s” and “Completing the Circle” every time you hit the ball.  A player is taught how to get Ready, Read, React, Respond, and Recover on every ball. The training program then choreographs the “5 R’s” to suit the players’ age, ability, playing style and athleticism with great results. 

The Method incorporates the learning and development of various multi-directional footwork, movement, balance and shot selection skills, taught whilst hitting balls to targets on the court that progressively get more challenging.

The program is clearly structured and is personalize to the strengths of the individual player.

David Bailey has shared his expertise with ONcourt. Enjoy!

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