Patricia Hy-Boulais: Jumpstart To An Elite Mindset Webinar Series

“Do you have kids with the aspiration of getting a tennis scholarship to a US university? This can be a tricky topic in itself, especially if your child is an athlete looking to continue their journey into the next phase of their career. This webinar will give you the opportunity to ask every question you’ve wondered about college tennis, as well as give an insight into the mindset of a collegiate athlete. This week, join me and our two guests, Danielle Wolf and Ryan Navarro.”
Event information:

When: Sunday June 7th, at 5:00 PM (EST)
Where: ZOOM
Instructions: Please register beforehand (link below)
Meeting ID: 97982230856
Register here:

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of living and thoughts in more ways than one.  The effect can either send you to misery or you can fight back and prevail.  Your life will never return to its normalcy but you can prepare to be a better version of yourself.  Once this crisis has settled and becomes a thing of the past, you need to be ready to get off the block quickly.  The opportunities available will be streamlined and you want to be among the selected few.

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