Message from Coach Séverine

Dear Leaders,

I am touching base with you in the hope that you are all doing better and that you see the light a bit from this dark situation and that it is getting better in your club and province.

We are all thinking about a SAFE return to play and I wanted to share a few takeaways from my ON COURT Webinar to the parents last week hoping that could help you with your players. Here are some questions that were asked during the session:

1. When should we go back to competition ?

2. What is the priority when we get back ?

3. Should they do physical training ?

4. How much time will it y take from back on court to competition

I have discussed  their role in the presentation and goals settings.

The overall message :

1. Revised your goals with your coach

2. Give your child time to come back on court progressively and with different expectations

3. Let them enjoy seeing their friends and coaches

4. Parents, be a positive influence

5. They have to work on being fit physically and they also need to work on the aspect of confidence and be anxious to return to play  because they will not be at the same level from when they stopped in March and that will be difficult for them in the beginning. They need parents and coaches support.

Don’t miss Jocelyn Robichaud that will be on the webinar:

The Impact of Confinement On Player Development
Jocelyn Robichaud
When: Thursday, May 7th
Time: 4:00 PM (EST)
Who is it for: Coaches
Where: ZOOM
Meeting Code: 2898882663

The Role of The Parent In Player Development (Recording)
Presented by Séverine Tamborero
Watch here

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