Christine Picher: How We Keep Going

Coordinator of the Academy & Leader – Tennis-Études and Collégial. Tennis professional for 35 years. Teaches at Club de Tennis Île des Sœurs for the past 15 years. Tennis Canada Certified Level 4 Coach. Tennis Canada Trainer for Level 3 Coach Courses. Member of the Canadian Professionals Tennis Association (PTA). Head coach – Tennis Études. Canadian Champion, Singles and Doubles (16 years under). University Champion Team NCAA div. II (All – American NCAA). Coach for the Quebec Team – Canadian Championships.

Written by: Christine Picher

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much to you all for sharing your knowledge, your thoughts, questions and all the info with me and everyone else in Canada. Its great to see that even being far away physically we can be close together.

I have read somewhere that the definition of crisis in China is composed of two characters meaning “Danger” and “Opportunity”…..personally I prefer focusing on the second one. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to think, to learn, to exchange ideas to improve our way of doing things.

I wanted to share with you guys how at Nun’s island tennis club we have been handling this brutal stop of all our programs and closing of the club. I have of course used many ideas coming from you all, Thanks.

  1. We have created among the Academy coaches a very tight communication line through phone calls and e-mail to support each others and share ideas to put forward a different way of learning.
  1. We have been reaching to the parents early on to let them know how we planned to stay connected with their kids while respecting the government’s directive. We are also guiding parents on how they can help their child pursue their tennis development sharing articles on physical, tactical, mental and technical aspects of the game.
  1. Our fitness coach ( Vicente Mogollon) has sent  programs to different age groups which can be easily done at home or outdoor. For the sport-study players the program is regularly adapted.
  1. Our Sport Psychologist ( Kirsten Bjorn) as set small groups meetings thru Zoom on a base of Questions and answers
  1. We have encouraged all the players to find a wall and hit balls, sending us pictures and/or videos thru Instagram and e-mails. Coaches have participated themselves with videos of different exercises that can be done on a wall. ( Thanks Xavier).
  1. We have launched a contest of the most imaginative tennis court to be build at home….pictures will be posted on our board….Once the club will re open.
  1. We have sent links of pro matches with a questionnaire for them to do as a homework. Challenging their observation skills. ( Ralph’s initiative).

For many of us coaches it has been an opportunity to discover different social medias that gives us the benefit to reach out and stay connected with the players and parents.

The storm will pass and the skies will clear…. until then, stay safe, stay healthy,


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