Craig O’Shannessy: Strengthen Your Brain Game

Written by: Craig O’Shannessy

Strategy coach for Wimbledon, ATP, Italian Federation & NY Times. “My family of 4 are lefties!”

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It’s 30-30. Here’s your plan. Play the percentages (yes, I have them for you).

G’day from Austin,

In these uncharted and uncertain times, it’s time to lock down, stay at home, and take care of loved ones. But it’s also a time to remain positive, keep your brain active, and prepare for the other side of this disaster.

The bottom line is to keep your mind in the game. Keep an optimistic outlook and be confident we can successfully conquer these tough times. I want to help you with that by sending you daily tennis blog posts to improve your understanding of our great sport – even if you are not hitting balls right now. Let’s get through this together!

Today’s blog post is focused on the right serve strategy at 30-30. The data is an average of the Top 10 from 2019. Chew on this…

2019 Top 10 Average

Holding Serve from 30-30 = 80%
Holding Serve from 40-30 = 93%
Holding Serve from 30-40 = 49%

The GAP between 93% and 49% is 44 percentage points. That is a BIG DEAL and the reason why having the right strategy at 30-30 matters. Click on the following link to see your best tactics for winning the 30-30 point.


Enjoy the analysis!

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