Clément Golliet: “The Stitch During Exertion”

The sore point sometimes felt in the abdomen during exertion is called a side stitch. It is also sometimes referred to as ETAP (exercise related transient abdominal pain). Its origins are various and it can create a discomfort which can become a stabbing pain either on the left or right side of the ribcage or in the middle of the stomach. In some instances the side stitch is not only caused by the reaction of the body during exertion, but also by the way people invest in their sport.

Allen Fox: “Never Allow Your Opponent To Obtain Momentum”

Points tend to be won and lost in streaks. This happens because the players winning them start to feel good and play better while the players losing them start to feel bad and play worse. When the game is going against you there is a natural tendency to rush around, make errors, and not play points one at a time with sufficient diligence to arrest the slide. Allowing your opponents to get “hot” like this opens you up to losing a lot of games in a hurry, so you want to do everything in your power to disrupt their momentum as quickly as possible.
Slow down when you are behind. Your first thought, when points start to tumble against you, should be to slow the match down. I’m not suggesting you become deliberately disruptive and unsportsmanlike by strolling around stalling and tying your shoes. I just mean you should take a few extra seconds between points to gather yourself together and allow your opponent to wait a little and think.

Kate Flory “Raonic On His Own Terms”

After what he described as a “frustrating and disappointing” start to the season, Milos Raonic has turned his year around with the help of new coach Ivan Ljubicic. He now finds himself within touching distance of a place at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals going into the last chance saloon at the BNP Paribas Masters next week.