Clément Golliet: ACE Fitness Approach to Physical Conditioning

Written by: Clement Golliet


***Clement Golliet is the newly appointed Director of ACE Fitness and is overseeing the fitness component of all ACE Tennis High Performance programs, is the Head Trainer at Toronto Tennis City and ACE Burlington, and offers private and group fitness sessions for ACE and OTA players as required. Clement’s mandate is to help build the new ACE Fitness brand and to offer leading edge training for tennis players in Ontario.

Clement has a Bachelors of Kinesiology from the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) and possesses various certifications in the areas of private training, spinning, T-Rx, performance, and reconditioning. A former high level basketball player and bodybuilder, Clement also has his French Federation Level 3 in kayaking. Before coming to Toronto to work with ACE Fitness, Clement was a personal trainer, fitness, strength, and conditioning coach at Sporting Club Sanctuaire in Montreal for tennis, basketball, and track running. Clement also has professional training in Clinical rehabilitation and experience as a sports teacher in Switzerland.

If you have any questions for Clement, he can be reached here.***


What is the ACE Fitness approach to physical conditioning? It is set on two basic principles: spine stability and hip mobility. To increase performance, we need to spare the spine from counterproductive stress and create good muscular activation and posture. Ultimately this will ensure the best biomechanics-friendly training.

The video is done by Prof. Stuart McGill, the world wide specialist in biomechanics. It debunks a few myths and shows how to utilize the concepts of “super stiffness” and “neutral spine” through a few simple exercises. And remember, core training and a healthy life are the fundamentals on which success can be built for any kind of sport! I trust you will enjoy the video!

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