ACE Tennis Announces Premier Coaching Staff for Astra Tennis Club


Douglas Burke, president of ACE Tennis, today confirmed the staff that will lead ACE Tennis’ new tennis school at  the Astra Tennis Club on Rutherford Road in Vaughan: “It is important for us as an organization to provide the same professional approach to our new program at Vaughan. In recruiting  Bill Cowan to be our Tennis Director, we have secured the services of one of Canada’s premier coaches. Bill is one of the few Tennis Canada level 4 certified coaches as well as being one of the few Canadian coaches who has played and coached on the ATP tour”. Cowan has received many awards including being a three time recipient of the Tennis Canada Coaching Excellence Award.


Michael Zimmerman, the director of Toronto operations for All Canadian Sports Management Inc. will fulfill a dual role at the Astra Tennis Club also serving as the Tennis Director for the Astra members. Zimmerman, who has a law degree, served for 36 years as the Tennis Director and other roles for the Mayfair Tennis Club chain in Toronto. The former #1 player at the University of Toronto, will provide the Astra Club membership with programs designed by ACE Tennis, leaders in the field.


Stanislav Faynberg


Cowan will be assisted by Stanislav Faynberg a recent graduate in Kinesiology at York University. Faynberg, who is a Tennis Canada Coach 2, was also the #1 player on the York University Tennis Team. Faynberg will be responsible for all the fitness components of the ACE Tennis programs as well as assuming the position of Head Coach for Progressive Tennis: Stanislav said: “I have had the opportunity of working with Bill before in his own Academy at Player’s Edge at York University, and I am looking forward to renewing our positive relationship.”



Valentina Moseychuk

 Faynberg’s assistant in the progressive area will be Valentina Moseychuk, a Tennis Canada certified coach. Moseychuck is presently working in the successful Progressive program at ACE Tennis, Burlington. Burlington Head Coach Kyrylo Tabunshchyk said:”We are sad to lose Valentina who has been an unbelievable asset since joining us in Burlington, but knowing that she will get the opportunity to further grow within ACE  is an opportunity she deserves.”





Egor Koleganov from Novocherkassk, Russia, a former Russian #1 junior, who is helping in coaching Vita Tabunshchyk, Canada’s reigning U 12 National junior champion, will be splitting his time between Burlington and Vaughan: Egor is still one of the top professional players in Ontario having reached the finals of two Tennis Canada Pro events this past winter.


Finally, former Davis Cup and Fed Cup captain Pierre Lamarche will be available for assisting in the development of all ACE players at Astra every Thursday. Lamarche, the former ACE president, now heads All Canadian Sports Management, the parent company of ACE Tennis.


Vito Polera the general manager of Astra added: “We knew we were getting excellence when we entered into our agreement with ACE Tennis. The quality of the staff further enhances our great facility and provides us with a lot of positive enthusiasm for the future.”



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