Soufiane Azargui: “Former ACE Tennis Player On Life Lessons; Captaincy Struggles”

My third year at Brown University presented me with a variety of challenges – some of which were new while others were all too familiar. Last season, I was able to play the majority of the season through lingering back spasms. This year, however, I had to sit out about 75% of the match due to debilitating back pain. Heading into this year, I was named captain of the team, a role I shared with a senior on the team. I was looking forward to sharing captaincy duties with him, feeding off one another’s strengths and leading the team to an Ivy League title. However, by the end of our second month of practice, my back spasms intensified. On top of that, my co-captain quit the team.

Michael Emmett: “It’s Time for a Change in Women’s Tennis”

The time has come for Women’s tennis to adopt the best-of-five set format for all Grand Slam events and abolish the shorter, currently used, best-of-three set version.Haven’t you heard the argument equal play for equal pay? The purse is the same but the men have to slug it out for many more hours on average in each and every Grand Slam. Many pundits feel this is extremely unfair – including several of the top-tier men. This is one of the many reasons I am in favour of lengthening Women’s matches but it’s not the major one. For me, it’s about history. Women deserve epic matches too. Their place in the annals of the game is fleeting; and it’s a real shame in my estimation.

Wayne Elderton: AceCoach e-Newsletter June 2013

The statement is in 2 halves. The first 3 characteristics comprise the half of the statement that is about developing the ‘person’ (the other half about developing the ‘player’). In this installment, we will focus on the “Focused” characteristic which is defined as: “The ability to concentrate on the right things, at the right time.”