ACE Tennis vs. Niagara Academy Showdown

Simon Levy: Overall, I thought it was a great opportunity for the players from both academies to hang out and get to know each other better. Of course it ended up being a fairly close encounter between Niagara and ourselves, however their team played very well and edged past us with the total number of games won.

Michael Emmett: “Is Nadal the BEST Ever?”

Those of you that have read my columns know how I really feel about Rafael Nadal – that has not changed. However, I’m putting the gossip and allegations aside and just looking at the raw numbers and on-court evidence. And with that alone, one could very readily argue that he is the greatest tennis player of all time.

Girls Under-16 National Selection to be Televised

This weekend TVCOGECO Halton will be in Burlington, Ontario at the Girls U16 National Selection tournament televising the finals. What a great opportunity for Canadian junior girls to showcase their talents and experience an atmosphere similar to that of the pros!