Michael Emmett: “Once Again the French Screw it Up!”

The French Open organizing committee should be ashamed of itself. Year-after-year they do a horrible job in so many areas that they do a massive disservice to the world of tennis. No Hawkeye, no lights, no roof, quarterfinals being played simultaneously and no common sense. They are so archaic in so many ways they deserve to lose their standing as a Grand Slam event. And this is no exaggeration – they are really that bad. The worst of the four grand slams keeps going downhill plummeting faster than an avalanche.

Sofija Zecevic: “Tennis Then and Now”

It is thought that tennis had its beginnings in France around the 12th century, but at that time the ball was smacked with the palm of the hand and was named the “jeu de paume”(“game of the palm”). The ball was likely made of wool, flax, leather, etc. The game was first created by European monks for entertainment. Gradually “jeu de paume” became the entertainment of the wealthiest people who had lots of free time.