TTA wins first U10 Ontario Team Tennis Championship

Written by: Doug Burke


The inaugural U10 2013 Ontario Team Tennis Championships hosted by ACE Tennis last weekend, April 20-21, was a resounding success! It is certain that the players who participated will never forget their first competitive team tennis experience. From the eleven teams [ACE Burlington and TTC, Toronto Tennis Academy, ORC, Niagara Academy, Oakville Tennis School, Veneto Tennis Center and Ottawa] which competed, Toronto Tennis Academy #1 team emerged as the winner.

Each team consisted of four players and a coach, and along with parents and supporters converged on the Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sportsclub in Burlington for two days of exciting action in a supportive Davis Cup team environment.

The compass team format provided the youngsters with multiple opportunities to play singles and doubles under the guidance of their coaches who expressed their approval and satisfaction at being able to be on court advising and coaching their players. Meanwhile parents were cheering loudly in the stands.

Congratulations to all the teams for participating, and to tournament director Kyrylo Tabunshchyk for a very well organized event. We certainly look forward to the upcoming U12 Team Championship to be held next weekend April 28-29 at ACE in Burlington. It promises to be another great week end with 16 teams participating.

Four top finishing teams where:

1st Rob Hilton (TTA Team #1)

  • Player 1: Quinn Fisher
  • Player 2: Oscar Roy
  • Player 3: Sina Dehmoubed
  • Player 4: Amelie Gal

2nd Kyrylo Tabunshchyk (ACE Burlington)

  • Player 1: Surya Vinjamuri
  • Player 2: Versailla Kahnamoui
  • Player 3: Haranczyk, Mike
  • Player 4: Nemanja Stefanovic

3rd Jon Kudjerski (TTA Team #2)

  • Player 1: Tucker Wilson
  • Player 2: Matthew Overvelde
  • Player 3: Spencer Keung
  • Player 4: Scarlett Nicholson

4th Tony Milo (Ottawa team)

  • Player 1: Pascal Tylek
  • Player 2: Ray Xie
  • Player 3: Danica Bertrand
  • Player 4: Owen Dunn

“We really enjoyed the new concept of the ACE Team Junior Tennis Tournament! It was new for parents and kids, our son Michael was happy to play on court with his friends, the team mates worked as a pack, they cheered for their team, and parents were cheering for their kids. It was so much fun for all of us, Michael was sweaty and happy and he didn’t want to go home. In my opinion we should have more of these team championships. If my child is happy, I am happy!”

– Anna & Jac Haranczyk

“This is just to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the team event this past weekend. Pierre’s idea of starting this ‘mini Davis Cup’ type of event is truly commendable. We could never have imagined any tournament at this level in such a fantastic form. It not only brought all the parents together but it was also a joy to see a team spirit being developed among all the kids. These kids were friends before too but the care and concern that we saw in them for each other in the last two days was totally phenomenal. We had so much fun watching everyone and experiencing every moment of it. “

– Naureen and Waasey Khan

The U10 2013 Ontario Team Tennis Championships was an all-around exciting approach to tournament play that proved to be both fun and rewarding not only for the athletes but also for the armchair athletes (a.k.a. “the parents”). The lead up to the event saw dedicated and driven 6-10 year olds playing their hearts out with high energy and positive attitudes in their weekly academy training in order to secure a position on one of the ACE teams.

Players were given the rules and parents retreated to their lofty positions prepared to sit and struggle through the highs and lows of their children’s games. Tournament Director, Kyrylo, had a different idea. He got the enthusiasm started and encouraged the parents to cheer and support the players and their teams. I think for many of us this was a great release of pent up anxiety and frustration as we jumped up to cheer, holler, and whistle and applaud for each triumphant play or impressive battle for a point. Above all, I really loved seeing the kids sitting court-side beside their team mates and academy buddies, encouraging them to fight until a triumphant end or quickly consoling with hugs and words of support in the misery of defeat. The misery was usually short lived as surely another team mate needed support on another court and they all darted off to assume their courtside positions.”

– Sarah Hawryluk

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