Manji Gets His National Singles Championship

The reason I chose ACE was because I knew it would provide me with the right resources and environment to help me improve as much as I can. Pierre Lamarche was a big reason for my move. It really stood out how much he cared for my game even when I was not one of his players. With the support of my family and friends I left Pickering to live in Burlington with Doug Burke [ACE President] at the ACE house. The first week I was there I was extremely grateful to have the opportunity to train with so many resources, something I was not used to. I sat down with Pierre, Doug and Clement and discussed my goals, one of them being to win the Nationals.

Craig Mercer: “Fuel the Dream”

A few weeks ago Irfan Shamasdin and I were the coaches for Team Ontario at the U14 Indoor Junior Canadian Nationals in Vancouver. This winter, when I realized that the U14 Nationals would be played at the same time and in the same city as Canada’s Davis Cup tie with Italy, bells started ringing! I suggested to Kartik Vyas at the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) that we arrange for our players to experience Davis Cup. It turned out that Tennis Canada had the same idea. They decided to host the U14 Nationals at the UBC Tennis Centre which is next door to Thunderbird Stadium where the Davis Cup matches were to be played. Originally the U14 Nationals were to be hosted at Hollyburn Country Club; this was changed so that Hollyburn would host April 1-4, and UBC April 5-7.

Michael Emmett: “The ‘Let’ Rule Must be Changed”

The sport of tennis is a game that will be with us for a very long time. It has all the components of a ‘great’ game – some would say it’s the best game of all because we call it the sport of a lifetime. We see just as many 8 year olds as we do 65 year olds bashing a ball from one side of the net to the other. Tennis is making a meteoric rise at the country club levels as we see the participation numbers continuing to grow across the board.