Anonymous: Implies Bear is a Pot and Hypocritical

Pierre, your articles are excellent and you are doing a great job of creating discussion and debate about tennis development in our country. Much of the focus recently has been national associations taking on a more active role, with a hands on approach, to the development of its players. One of the earlier arguments (which was interesting fair) was whether public money should be used to compete with, and steal business from, the private academies. It then moved towards the actual efficacy of these national training centers and whether they do indeed provide a better environment for the elite juniors. And now we have the issue of how demoralizing it is for local coaches to lose their players to the National Centers where their talent, hard work and commitment is robbed from them and perhaps in many cases, from the player as well

Pierre ‘The Bear’ Lamarche: “Pot? Maybe, Hypocritical NO”

The phrase “The pot calling the kettle black” is an idiom used to claim that a person is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another. As generally understood, the person accusing (the “pot”) is understood to share some quality with the target of their accusation (the “kettle”). So Mr Anonymous is insinuating that ACE Tennis and Tennis Canada are the same. You know what? He is right, we both are trying to make the game better in Canada. The intent has never been questioned, what is put up for discussion is how we go about it.

Rebecca Marino, Stepping Away from the Game

Pierre Lamarche: It was with great sadness that I heard of Rebecca’s withdrawal from competitive tennis. Rebecca has been a great asset to Canadian tennis and always was a sensitive individual respected by her peers. The courage she has shown in speaking publicly about her depression warrants that we all respect and understand her difficult decision. Depression is one of the most debilitating conditions one can find themselves in, I know from experience. Rebecca, thank you and good luck on your road to recovery.