Pierre ‘The Bear’ Lamarche: What Should Be Done – Let Our Canadian Coaches Dream

We are publishing an article this week by Paul McNamee [see above] on a situation occurring in Australia which is common to many tennis countries where the National Association is bent on rewriting how tennis players are developed. These decisions affect basic principle of child development as it relates to teacher/young students [or player/coach relationships in tennis].

Wayne Bryan: “A sampling of letters coming back regarding the Paul McNamee article”

“Thanks for the article… nothing that you and number of us hasn’t said before or won’t continue to say. I think marginalized is a very descriptive word as to how many of us coaches feel, when players are basically coerced and bribed to become a part of PD. You are the head of the spear that has energized many of us who individually felt their voice wouldn’t be listened to. Thanks for your passion and all the time and effort you put into this endeavor. I know it comes straight from your heart and how much it means to you to make sure our American kids can reach their full potential.”