A Spanish Experience! A Canadian Tennis Player in the Mecca of Red Clay Tennis: Barcelona

Sid Donarski is 15; he was born December 1st, 1999. He is top 5 in Canada and has multiple provincial titles. He wants to become a tennis professional. His parents are smart, educated people and are willing to make huge sacrifices for him to make his DREAM come true. In order for him to do this, his mom will teach a course at Barcelona University until June, so he can live the Barcelona clay court experience.

Peter Straub: “Removing Mental Obstructions to Playing Our Best Tennis”

To have the ideal mental conditions to play our best tennis we have to train our mind regularly and correctly. Training our mind entails lessening and eradicating negative minds, increasing our positive minds and improving our mental capabilities like concentration. When we start getting results from this training everything in our life becomes better.

Kyrylo Tabunshchyk in Jamaica

Kyrylo Tabunshchyk, the tournament Director at ACE Tennis and the Head Coach of the Progressive programs in Burlington, took his family to Jamaica for a recent vacation. Doug Burke president of ACE Tennis arranged with the Jamaican Tennis Association to access Kyrylo’s leadership skills while in Montego Bay. Following is a report from his wife Zoya on the three days of activities.

Wayne Elderton: AceCoach e-Newsletter January 2013

Wayne Elderton is acknowledged as one of Canada’s leading coaches. He is Head of Tennis Canada Coaching Development and Certification in British Columbia. In this role, he has provided coaching training to over 1500 coaches. He is a main contributor to the Tennis Canada Coaching Certification program and has also written articles and coaching materials for the PTR, Tennis Corporation of America, Tennis Coaches Australia, and the International Tennis Federation.