ONcourt Interview: Simon Larose

Pierre Lamarche met up with former Canadian tennis star and now national coach Simon Larose at the Tevlin Cup recently. Lamarche and Larose have a lot in common as their families both come from the Three Rivers/Cap de la Madeleine area of Quebec and there always has been an affinity between them.

Pierre ‘The Bear’ Lamarche: “Leave the Children Alone”

This past week I received no less than five calls asking me if I had heard of the new Milos Raonic who was all of four years old and who lived in Burlington, where I reside part of the week. I finally had to stop the project I was working on so I could insure that my coaches at ACE Burlington would get on the case and sign this player to a long term contract.

ONcourt Interview: Kai Broomfield

Kai Broomfield: Ah! Ah! I am now entering my second year at Marshall University which is located in Huntington, West Virginia and of course I am on a tennis scholarship. The reason I did not play for two years was a series of injuries which made it impossible for me to compete. First it was my wrist, then I started training and had to step away with an ankle injury.