ONcourt Interview: Yves Boulais

ONcourt: Okay Yves, you have seen a lot over the years, and when I say you’ve seen a lot I mean you’ve been the head of academies, you’ve coached a player that’s gotten to the quarterfinals of the US Open, you married a player that got to the quarterfinals of the US Open, you’ve coached your wife [Canadian Hall of Fame member Patricia Hy] and so forth so you’ve gone through a lot. Tell me: what do you feel is happening now to Canadian tennis which is so positive with so many good girls?

Michael Emmett: “WTA Ranking System Needs Overhaul”

The top two players on the WTA tour, Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova, had a combined 0-8 record vs. Serena in 2012. We’re not talking about a record near .500 – this is pure dominance and superiority in the greatest sense. Serena manhandled these overmatched opponents – toyed with them at times, yet she is regarded as the third best player on the tour. The more I try to come to grips with these numbers the more shocking and disturbing it is for me.