Pierre Lamarche: “Open Letter to National and Provincial Presidents and Their Boards”

I ask you, as someone who is passionate for Canadian tennis to please have an open mind as you read the next series of editorials that I will write on our present Canadian tennis system. The game in this country is presently in a healthy situation from a public perception due to the results of a few individuals who have been assisted greatly by Tennis Canada in their personal development.

Wayne Bryan: “A Tennis Meeting Report from Coach Bryan”

As you probably know, there was a very positive and productive meeting on Sunday, October 21, with Steve Bellamy and his group concerned with the USTA officials in Chicago about the state of our National ‘n Sectional Junior Schedule and Rankings that led to a pause on the new changes and a listening tour to be held across the country to make revisions that will be fair for all our juniors and that will hopefully bring a smile to everyone’s face.

ONcourt Interview: Carol Zhao

Carol Zhao is one of Canada’s great tennis hopes. She is ranked #12 ITF in the World Junior Rankings. Three years ago she left to train at the National Center in Montreal and now she is faced with career decisions which are difficult for anyone. We talked to her about these issues.