Clement Golliet: “Youth and Resistance Training”

Despite what many may say that young children should not do resistance training and notwithstanding controversial literature, in fact, the risk of injuries stays at relatively low levels and the number of kids with growth plate fracture remains extremely small.

Allen Fox: “Your Game Will Follow Your Emotions”

When you feel good, you are apt to play well; conversely, when you feel bad, you are likely to play poorly. Sport psychologists talk about the need to control emotion on court, but what they mean by this is not simply suppressing emotions (like anger or depression). They refer instead to an optimum strategy by which players not only rid themselves of negative emotions but also to create positive ones.

Pierre ‘The Bear’ Lamarche: “OTA Gets it Right”

The Ontario Tennis Association has announced a new major fall circuit for the U18 and under U16 age categories. The tournaments will be offered under the title of Team Ontario Circuit and will provide the winners of each circuit a direct entry to the Canadian Junior Indoor Nationals in the winter competitive season.