ACE Road Trip to Roman Cup


***Recently ACE Tennis took a trip to Ottawa, Ontario to compete in the Roman Cup. The tournament hosts an adult Open event, as well as numerous junior events from U10-U18, and had over 150 players participating in total. ACE Tennis was responsible for 20 players competing, and with that many players, 3 coaches, a few parents and a lot of enthusiasm, there were many moments which highlighted how much fun the trip was. Here are the Top 10 moments from the Roman Cup 2012.***


#1 How Mike Hall decides which kids will room with each other

Upon the arrival to the Ottawa hotel, Mike Hall announces which kids will sleep in the same rooms. When asked his rationale for the decision, he replies: “One room is the “no troubles”, one room is the “might be troubles”, and the last room is the “for sure troubles”. That way when they get in trouble, I can put them all on a bus together back to Burlington.” It turned out that the “might be troubles” and the “for sure troubles” rooms had an adjoining door between their rooms. So much for that theory!

#2 Former ACE Tennis coach, Scott Jeffreys, makes a guest appearance in Ottawa

Just when the ACE coaches thought they had enough responsibility taking care of 20 juniors, Scott shows up to play in the adult Open doubles draw. He also graced his presence amongst the ACE Tennis juniors and consistently told them “to go out there and kick some butt”. On the final night of the event, a hotel-less Scott managed to weasel his way into sleeping on the floor in one of the ACE rooms.

#3 Alec Luchak and Axel Strom pop a tennis ball

Two of the skinniest U16 players out there were pounding the ball throughout their respective matches and managed to actually put a hole in the tennis ball. Coaches, players and officials were all in shock as they watched the instant power coming off their racquets. Alec’s reaction to this accomplishment was looking at his coach with a big smile and a thumbs-up. It must have been that food at the ACE tournament restaurant, Don Cherry’s.

#4 Brandon Alguire comes out of retirement

After not competing for approximately 3 years, ACE Tennis coach Alguire made his appearance known in the men’s doubles draw teaming up with sensational NCAA partner Victor Hoang. The duo had a convincing 6-2, 6-1 win in their opening match followed by a 6-3, 6-0 upset over the 5th seeded team. Their tournament came to an end when they were narrowly defeated by the top seeded team 6-4, 6-4 in the quarter-finals. After the loss, Alguire stated that he is taking another year off to let his body recover.

#5 Sam Philp upsets #1 seed in U18 draw

Sam Philp shocked the tournament with a convincing 6-2, 7-6 win over the top seed in the boys U18 singles draw. Philp quickly went ahead 5-0 in the first set playing some of his best tennis ever. The most impressive part of this win is that Philp was approximately 500 points behind his opponent in the rankings and will gain significant ground on the top players with this victory.

#6 Simon Levy shows off his muscles in hotel restaurant

Simon Levy impressed one of the waitresses at Don Cherry’s restaurant when the ACE team was having their dinner on the first night of their trip. He completed 25 push-ups with perfect technique right in the middle of the floor after he was punished by Mike Hall for throwing pepper at one of his fellow teammates. The pepper landed in coach Brandon Alguire’s lap which quickly led to the disciplinary action.

#7 Chris Rego gets chased in clubhouse for taking water bottle

With all the ACE players gathered around in the clubhouse, waiting for a rain delay to end, Chris Rego eyes an abandoned water bottle. Since no one was sitting near it, Chris decides to take the water bottle and use it for his own. Shortly after he grabs it and exits the room, a man chases him down and takes it back. Chris returns to the group empty-handed as all the other kids laugh at his silly decision.

#8 Simon’s consolation match

Simon did not get a chance to have any warm-up serves in this match because his opponent struggled to get just one serve over the net. After hitting 6 serves in a row into the bottom of the net, the opponent says: “This might take a while”. Simon replies: “You know we only get 5 minutes for warm-up right?” After this, the opponent serves two more into the bottom of the net, and the referee forces them to begin right away. On the changeover with Simon leading 5-0, his opponent gives him the balls and says: “Here are the balls, douchebag”. Simon quickly replies: “Hey man, I’m kicking your butt, so you better step it up”. Simon won the match losing only 1 point.

#9 Four kids walk to the club with their luggage

On the last morning of the trip all the kids are told to be packed and meet in the lobby at 7am sharp. Four boys are late, and Mike Hall is not happy about it. As punishment, the boys have to walk to the club (about 30 minutes) with all of their luggage. On their way, the OTA van drives by and offers them a ride. The boys politely decline in shame as they know if they accept, they’ll most certainly have to do it again. The funniest part of all this was that with about 10 minutes left, Ryan Skinner realizes he forgot some clothes and his cell phone charger in his hotel room and has to walk all the way back.

#10 Skinner’s screw ups

It was a trip to forget for Ryan Skinner as he made many mistakes over the course of the four days. Here they are for your pleasure: 1) He loses his cell phone on the second day. One of the other boys tells him to check his pajama pockets, he doesn’t, and it turns up there after searching the entire room. 2) Skinner pours orange crush all over his bed and has to call for a change of sheets in the evening after losing all his candy in the kids’ poker game. 3) After forgetting his clothes in the hotel room during his walk of shame to the tennis club on the last day, he decided to take a taxi back to the club. The kids see him get out of the cab and tell Mike. Mike immediately makes him walk back to the hotel with his luggage and then walk back to the tennis club again. Skinner got his fitness in that day!

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