Wayne Bryan’s Dreams

Written by: Wayne Bryan


***Wayne Bryan is the father and coach of the Bryan twins, who have been the World No. 1 doubles players for over 5 years and just won their third Monte Carlo trophy. Coach Bryan has many other titles, including lawyer, musician, husband and author. And here is what he dreams about…***


*** I dream of a day when there is no USTA Player Development Program and there is no more top down pontification and harmful and ill conceived mandates from on high.

*** I dream of a day when USTA National Coaches do not root for one American player over another.

*** I dream of a day when all USTA National Coaches do not illegally coach from behind the fence during a Tournament and that USTA National Coaches follow the rules that all our rank and file coaches and parents must follow.

*** I dream of a day when local coaches and parents are valued and listened to by USTA execs.

*** I dream of a day when USTA Members or club pros or parents or tennis fans suggestions are welcomed and appreciated rather than being attacked by USTA Execs.

*** I dream of a day when those that play ball with the USTA are not rewarded by financial payments large and small and those that do not are no longer frozen out.

*** I dream of a day when top junior programs within states get together for interclub matches.

*** I dream of a day when club pros will create more programs that are good for juniors and not just rely on the USTA for programming.

*** I dream of a day when we have a High School Boys and Girls National Team Championships held at the US Open during the second week.

*** I dream of a day when local clubs raise funds for their local high school programs and host matches at their club.

*** I dream of day when coaches and club pros and high school and college coaches get together to mutually share ideas and games and drills.

*** I dream of a day when club pros and high school coaches take their players to college matches – – – and often!

*** I dream of a day when we have great attendance at all college matches.

*** Rather than pay USTA execs and USTA PD Coaches crazy high salaries, I dream of a day, when we send deserving juniors to Davis Cup and Fed Cup and NCAA Championship Matches.

*** I dream of a day, when we send deserving juniors to pro tournaments across the country and to the US Open.

*** I dream of a day when National and Sectional Rankings are accurate.

*** I dream of a day when the National Schedule is clean and simple and understood by all, and traditional and long standing tournaments return.

*** I dream of a day when we return to the Star Computer System that yielded such accurate rankings.

*** I dream of a day when National Draws are all at least 128s.

*** I dream of a day when we have 4 surface championships for each division.

*** I dream of a day when there are no Junior Wild Cards controlled by the USTA.

*** I dream of a day when we have a very vibrant and professional and motivating Junior WEB Site that is as good as the ATPs – – – rankings updated every Monday, with pictures and tournament results and stories – – – both for National and Sectional.

*** I dream of a day when we have Junior Doubles Rankings – – – for teams and individuals, just like the ATP and WTA.

*** I dream of a day when junior tournaments are two weekends and they offer Doubles for each tournament.

*** I dream of a day when there are even Junior Mixed Doubles tournaments.

*** I dream of a day when the USPTA is an independent teaching pro organization again and not controlled with USTA surrogates.

*** I dream of a day when there is no more than 1 foreign player on each American College Tennis Team.

*** I dream of a day when high ranking USTA Officials will not call and tell me that 1) All 10’s dink;  2) It doesn’t matter if the better 10’s play up in the 12’s;  3) Doing well in the 10’s is not important to later success.

*** I dream of a day when 10 & Under Juniors can again play with yellow balls in tournament competition.

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It does not matter that you get your rating playing locally or that you had spent an insidious amount of money playing the ITF junior tour tournaments. Your rating is your level of play (you get no bonus for playing more or playing far away). This allows us to break free of the ITF competitive structure potentially saving us time, money, and headache. We see this as a great opportunity to improve the logistic of our sport.

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