The Week at Wilson with Blair Rickers: February 26th

Hello All,

I hope you all had a great week.  A few quick notes for this edition, March Madness starts below….

Milos Defends his Points

Milos had a ton of points to defend to continue on his upward trend in the rankings.  He took care of business in San Jose and had another great run in Memphis. Marc Cohn liked walking in Memphis but Milos prefers to fire aces while in the home of Elvis.  Like last year, Milos has a great run to the finals before losing a tough match to Jurgen Melzar 7-5 7-6.

A Goal for the Year

Teaching Pros:  Let’s all set a goal for 2012.  We all need to get a demo of the Juice, Steam or Pro Staff 95/100 into a consumers hand at least THREE times a week.  LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Our Footwear Should be Everywhere

We have an outstanding footwear collection for 2012.  The core features include:

Reactive Gel:  found in the heel and metatarsal area, RG provides cushioning and energy return.

Duralast Supreme:  this durable rubber compound is a Wilson staple

Seamless Construction:  laser technology removes stress points in shoe.  More comfort, less weight.

DST Foam:  this blend of rubber and EVA provides responsive cushioning and impact absorption.

Stable Chassis:  TPU system surrounds the heel for additional support

Stable Wrap:  wraps under the midsole and extends to the eyestay.  Your foot is secure and you have max medial and lateral support.

Duratex:  the toe draggers love this abrasion resistant material.  It lasts and lasts.

Here is a quick run down on the program:

Tour Ikon

Men’s:  white/black and silver/red/black                Women’s: white/silver/super pink                Retail:  Approx $149.99

The Ikon is all NEW.  NEW all court, low profile herringbone outsole.  NEW feather lasted forefoot (so it’s low to the ground) and NEW seamless construction to eliminate stitching, weight and bulk.  NEW NanoWik lining for enhanced moisture management and the Foam Insole Board for maximum comfort.

Perfect for the aggressive player who demands great support, comfort and cushioning (the Reactive Gel has been extended in the forefoot).  Durability is ensured with a SIX month outsole guarantee.

Tour Trance

Men’s:  white/black/teal                                                                        Retail:  Approx $149.99

A monster on clay.  The Trance has a full herringbone outsole for outstanding performance on clay (of course, you can still dominate with this shoe on hardcourt).  You will love the support provided by the Stable Chassis, Stable Wrap and the Carbon Graphite Arch Bridge.

Tour Vision

Men’s:  white/black/silver and white/lime/black Women’s:  white/black                   Retail: Approx $129.99

A new aggressive look with improved stable wrap and molded toe box.

This should be your “go to” shoe for all customers.  Stability, cushioning, and a SIX month guarantee on the outsole.

Tour Construkt

Men’s:  white/silver/black and black/red                Women’s:  white/silver                  Retail: Approx $109.99

The Ikon’s little brother/sister offers performance features and great value.  Duralast Supreme outsole gives you great traction and durability.  Stable Wrap and Stable Chassis provide the support and the Foam Insole Board, Reactive Gel ensure great comfort and cushioning.

Pro Staff Classic

Men’s:  white/navy/red                          Women’s:  whit/silver                   Retail:  Approx $89.99

The same look as the old classic, but much lighter weight with even more performance.  We also offer a Pro Staff Supreme for off court casual wear.

Pro Staff Court

Men’s:  white/black                             Women’s:  white/silver                  Retail:  Approx $79.99

The Court provides all the key features for the casual player:  herringbone outsole, twin strap Stable Wrap and a leather upper.

Junior Shoes

We offer the Tour Vision in white/silver and black/red/white for the performance players (retail around $69.99).  The Construkt is another performance shoe in white/silver/black that’s also available in small sizes (11, 12 and 13) at a retail of approx $59.99.  The Pro Staff Court hits a lower price point (around $49.99) and comes in a laced or velcro version.

The Product is On the WAY

Note to dealers and sponsored players:  Your product is on the way.  We are getting shipments on a daily basis and are gradually catching up with demand.  We hope to be back in a decent stock position by the end of March.  THANKS for your patience.

Apparel is Appealing

Everyone I talk to LOVES the 2012 apparel collection.  If it is working for our sponsored players, it will work for your customers.  We still have a couple of collections to deliver (Summer 3/15 and Late Summer 5/15).  These are my two favourite collections, so if you have not ordered any, do it NOW.

March Madness Starts with a February Frenzy

I’m away for a couple weeks in March so I wanted to get the tournament under way.  WOW, some great match-ups in the first round.  It should be an exciting second week.

Football/Karate/Poker Division

#1 Jerry Maguire vs #16 Rollerball

Jonathon E kicked butt in killer roller derby (though he never had to face Skinny Minnie Miller) but he is no match for the super smooth Tom Cruise.

#2 Rudy vs #15 Warrior

I’ve never seen Warrior, I included it for all you MMA meatheads.  I’m the only person in the world who can’t stand Rudy, but the Golden Domer moves on.

#3 Brian’s Song vs #14 We Are Marshall

Matthew McConaughey might be better looking than James Caan, but he sure can’t act as well.  Caan goes Sonny Corleone and takes out the pretty boy.

#4 Something for Joey vs #13 Remember the Titans

I’m not sure if Something for Joey is on video, but this is a MUST see.  If you don’t cry during Cappy’s Heismann speech you have no soul.  The Penn Stater romps..

#5 The Karate Kid vs #12 Rounders

I love Mr. Miyagi and Daniel, but Rounders has Matt Damon and Ed Norton at their best.  Malkovic is EPIC as the crazy card player.  First upset of the Tourney.

#6 Heaven Can Wait vs #11 The Express

Warren Beatty dated Madonna, married Anette Benning.  Smart guy, good movie.  The Ernie Davis story goes back home to Syracuse.

#7 The Blind Side vs # 10 All the Right Moves

The Blind Side loses points for not being anywhere near as good as the book.  Cruise wins again as a steel town high school star.

#8 The Longest Yard vs #9 Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is one of the best books I’ve ever read.  However, nothing beats Burt Reynolds in a car chase with cops while listening to Skynyrd’s Saturday Night Special.

Basketball/Hockey/Misc… Division

#1 Hoosiers vs #16 Blue Chips

Shaq would have crushed the boys from Hickory in an actual game, but in the movies, it’s no contest.  Coach Dale moves on.

#2 Slapshot vs #15 Might Ducks

The Ducks don’t stand a chance versus the Hanson’s.  Paul Newman’s squad wins in a bloodbath.

#3 Miracle vs #14 Dogtown and Z-Boys

Do you believe in Miracles?  Yes, I do.  That’s why a documentary on skateboarding defeats Team USA’s run to Olympic gold.

#4 Hoop Dreams vs #13 Pumping Iron

Two documentaries going head to head.   The directors of Hoops following the players for FOUR years.  I don’t think they could have taken Arnold for that long.  Hoops wins without the assistance of PED’s.

#5 White Men Can’t Jump vs #12 Amazing Grace and Chuck

Amazing Grace is another movie that is a must see.  If features Raps assistant coach Alex English.  Wes Snipes goes back to jail a loser.

#6 Finding Forrester vs #11 Invictus

Who doesn’t love Sean Connery?  Unfortunately, in this case he’s going up against Damon AND Morgan Freeman.  Sorry Sean.

#7 Fast Break vs #10 The Jericho Mile

Welcome Back Kotter’s Kaplan loses to Peter Strauss in a photo finish. Jericho Mile has a stellar ending – find this movie if you can..

#8 Above the Rim vs # 9 He Got Game

Tupac had an amazing presence on screen.  ATR is not a great film, but even Denzell can’t make up for Ray Allen’s acting.

Baseball/Soccer/Track/Cycling Division

#1 Field of Dreams vs #16 Victory

Victory has a cast including Stallone, Michael Caine and Pele, but it’s tough to beat Costner at his “gee wiz” best.

#2 Bull Durham vs #15 For Love of the Game                      .

Costner vs Costner, but Bull wins big thanks to Tim Robbins.

#3 Chariots of Fire vs #14 The Sandlot

Not a real fan of the early Olympics, I started paying attention in Mexico ’68.  The Sandlot takes it.

#4 Bend it Like Beckham #13 Cobb

Not a fan of either, but Bend It moves forward.


#5 Breaking Away vs #12 The Rookie

The “Cutters” win another for their home town of Bloomington.


#6 Moneyball vs # 11 61*

Pitt loses points for being so good looking.  Barry Pepper does a great job portraying Roger Maris, a great ball player who was treated poorly by baseball and the fans of New York.

#7 The Natural vs #10 Major League

Robert Redford’s Natural is the most over rated movie of all time.  Wes Snipes and Charlie Sheen win and have a heck of a party.

#8 The Damned United vs #9 Eight Men Out

Brian Clough’s ego gets in the way, but not enough to lose to the White Sox.


#1 Raging Bull vs #16 Happy Gilmore

DeNiro up against Sandler.  The scary thing is that Sandler movies have out grossed Bobby D’s.  This fight is stopped in the first round.  The Bull stampedes forward.

# 2 Caddy Shack vs #15 Cinderella Man

If we had Russell Crowe’s Gladiator in this match-up it might be interesting.  Unfortunately, Maximus did not make the game, Bill Murray and Rappin Rodney ad lib to victory..

# 3 Rocky vs # 14Rocky III

Apollo Creed and Clubber were both great foes.  But Rock punching slabs of beef in the meat factory beats out Rock in a Hugo Boss suit.


#4 Million Dollar Baby vs #11 The Big Lebowski

I liked Clint’s Chrysler commercial more than MDB.  Jeff Bridges is the DUDE.

#5 Tin Cup vs #12 Rocky II

Great Match-up.  Costner and Stallone knock each other to the canvas, but only Rock gets up.


#6 The Color of Money/The Hustler vs #13 The Fighter

Paul Newman personified cool for decades.  Walberg can’t take Fast Eddie to the canvas..

#7 Searching for Bobby Fischer vs #10 Kingpin .

Could two sports movies be more different?  One a touching tale of a child chess prodigy, the other about debauchery on the pro bowling tour.  It’s tough to beat debauchery.

#8 The Wrestler vs #9 Vision Quest .

Maybe the best match of the first round.  I know what you’re thinking.  There is now way Mickey Rourke gets pinned in this match.  I challenge you to get out your VHS tapes and play Vision Quest.  Matthew Modine is tremendous.  The speech the cook gives about Pele is a tear jerker.  Linda Fiorentino is smoking AND it’s the first time I ever heard Lunatic Fringe by Tom Cochrane.  Vision Quest wins on points in OT.

That is it for this week.  I hope you enjoyed the read.  Trying to keep things light here at the Week at Wilson.  I leave the controversial topics to Pierre Lamarche.

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