All You Need To Know About SAT: Part 9

Written by: Helen Donohoe


***Helen Donohoe, M.S.Ed., is a teacher of English and French in the Hamilton/Burlington area. She holds practice SAT sessions on Saturdays on an informal, drop-in basis at Cedar Springs Racquet Club where she is a member, long-time tennis hacker and aficionado.

In this section of the website we will be publishing short paragraphs on various aspects of SAT. Please leave your questions/comments here, and Helen will be happy to respond to any specific concerns from students/parents***


The question of the day on the collegeboard website provides some very useful statistics. These help you to evaluate your own progress and give you a realistic idea as to where you are on your study plan:

1. The number of students who have attempted the question of the day, thus giving you an idea of just how huge the SAT is. It is not uncommon for the website to have more than 300,000 responses every day. It certainly gives you a sense of perspective.

2. The percentage of correct responses, giving you an idea of the level of difficulty of the question. If 75% of the responses are correct, you know that that particular question is easy. Make sure you get it right! If however the percentage of correct responses is 40%, you know that that is a hard question so study it very carefully before selecting your answer.

Of the seven questions of the day every week, you should aim for a minimum of five out seven.

Question of the day is a wonderful free website. Make smart use of it!

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Yves was proud to work with players including Greg Rudsedski, Patricia Hy, Oliver Marach, Eugenie Bouchard and Rebecca Marino, who achieved excellent results on the world stage. He was an Olympic Coach in Barcelona 1992 & Atlanta 1996, and Captain of the Canadian FedCup Team 1998 – 2000.