Alejandro Is King


***Alejandro Tabilo won the Eddie Herr U 14 competition this past weekend at the Nick Bollettieri complex in Bradenton, Florida.   Alejandro trained at ACE before joining the Tennis Canada training program almost three years ago. Last spring, unhappy with many aspects of the program he renewed his coach/player relationship with Pierre Lamarche at ACE tennis. Lamarche’s recommendation to the parents was to find a home where the “prodigy’s” talent could be developed in a harmonious environment. He joined Tarik Benhabiles [of Andy Roddick fame] academy in Florida.***


ONcourt: Alejandro, congratulations for your outstanding performance, what does this result mean to you?

Alejandro Tabilo: Thank you. This is the reward for all the efforts and sacrifices we’ve made as a family to follow my dream. This Eddie Herr victory is just the beginning of what I hope to accomplish as a tennis player.

ONcourt: Can you describe your new training environment and how do you feel about it?

Alejandro Tabilo: Well, my new training environment is awesome.  All the coaches help and prepare me in all aspect to make me a great player. I have amazing hitting partners, and I am able to play tough tournaments every weekend which help me grow as a player and improve my game. It’s all I ever wished for. There is a great atmosphere, supportive coaches, beautiful weather and top players from around the world to train with.

ONcourt: Was it a hard decision for you to leave Canada and the support Tennis Canada provided with your travels?

Alejandro Tabilo: Sincerely, it was not a hard decision at all. I requested my parents to pull me out of the program several times since January of this year. The environment at Tennis Canada was very hostile. I felt I was being tortured and humiliated. This issue was reported to Tennis Canada management and it was ignored. These documents have been archived. I want to thank my parents for making the effort of having me in a world class tennis academy. Thanks to them I will be able to keep on travelling.

ONcourt: Do you still want to represent Canada in international competition and do you hope that they will support you even if you are not part of their program? By support, we mean as much as other players in their programs.

Alejandro Tabilo: Of course, I want to represent Canada. I am proud of being Canadian. If Tennis Canada does not want to support me, my family and I will find a way to keep on going forward to reach my dream.

ONcourt: Your family has always been there for you, how though is it to be away from them?

Alejandro Tabilo: Yes, they are the most important thing in my life. They come down once a month and when they are not here we stay in touch everyday (skype). I also want to thank the players and coaches at ACE Tennis which is where I train when in Canada.

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