Joan Cannon: “Midterm at Princeton Is Over!”

Written by: Joan Cannon


***Joan has always dreamed of attending an Ivy League college and playing on its tennis team. Her entire life from age 13 onward has been focused on achieving this long-term goal. Joan and her parents moved to Burlington at the start of Grade 9, so that she could train full-time at the ACE Academy. By Grade 10, Joan managed to establish herself in the top ten in Canada for her age group and began to focus more seriously on the academic prerequisites for an acceptance to an Ivy League college. After four long years of commitment and hard work, Joan was finally accepted to Princeton and is now blogging us about her school experience.***


I survived!!! Midterm week is over! I had a chemistry exam, a calculus exam, and 2 french exams over 4 days, while still attending class and completing an essay, 1000 pages of reading, a calc problem set, and a chem problem set all at the same time. I was not aware that my 4-hours-per-day sleep schedule could possible be reduced, but I was wrong (quick tip: do not take a calculus and chemistry course in the same semester unless you want to test the limits of human sleep deprivation). I would not have made it without my AMAZING coaches and teammates, who were there to listen to me blab about how stressed I was and answer my 4 am non-sensical texts. Now that all my exams are over, all I have to worry about is that I failed my midterms. But that’s nothing to stress out about, right? I now have a week of fall break to sleep, sleep, sleep, and sleep some more before school starts again. But before all that sleeping, Princetonween is tonight, since real Halloween is during our fall break. All the freshmen in my sorority have to dress up as crayons, so I had a hard time choosing among Banana Mania, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Screamin’ Green, and Licorice, but I finally went with Licorice. We also have a tournament next weekend, so I might have to add some tennis practice on to my busy schedule of nothing but sleep. My team played a tournament at Flushing Meadows against 21 other teams, including many of the Ivy League teams. We didn’t have the best results, but we definitely bonded over the 45-minute drive to dinner at a restaurant that was 3 miles (I’m becoming so Americanized using miles now instead of kilometres!) away from our hotel. I did beat a girl from Dartmouth and a girl from Brown, so I wasn’t too disappointed. Anyways, I have to go pick up my crayon costume, but I’ll let you know how my midterms and Princetonween turned out next time I blog. GO TIGERS!!

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