May 2011

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Doug Burke: ‘One of the Best Guys’

__________ ***Douglas Burke was Canadian Junior champion Under 18 in 1981. His family had moved to Canada in 1978 from Jamaica. After University at Sothern

“More Than Just a Towel” by Angela Sekely

Written by: Angela Sekely __________ ***Angela Sekely is a tennis player from Mississauga who is currently playing for the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Ranked

The High Performers Difference: Hope vs. Evidence

BY DR. RICHARD YOUNG Novice performers are yet to have convincing evidence of their performance capability. Hope and affirmation are often prioritized when evidence is unconvincing. Experts

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All in the Family

BY SCOTT LANGDON VIA THE O.T.A Cyprien Mboko didn’t play tennis, himself, but admired the sport and thought it would contribute to the physical fitness