Mike Hall Blogging from Under 14 Rogers Indoor Junior Nationals in Vancouver: Blog 1

Hello all,

I will be keeping you up to date this week on the under 14 nationals here in rainy Vancouver.  It has rained non-stop since we arrived here on Saturday but hopefully the sun will break through sooner or later…

Just to fill you in on the format of this event, players are divided up into 8 “boxes” of 4-5 players.  Players then play a round robin against each player in their box.  After the round robin the players are divided up into draws or “flights” based on how they performed in each of their respective boxes.  Example is if a player is to win all of their matches in their “box”, that player would move onto flight 1.  If a player is to win 4/5 of his matches, he/she would move onto flight 2, etc.

As one of the coaches for Team Ontario, I am responsible for the following players, and thus my write up will mostly be about these players…

Vanessa Wong, our 12th seed here, is fresh off a win at the under 12 nationals last week.  Vanessa continued her winning ways here with a victory here over teammate Layne Van Buskirk.  The match was one of the few three set matches on the first day.

Grace Xu from Ottawa is competing in her very first nationals.  Grace is one heck of an athlete!  On Sunday we went for a run up a very large hill and Grace was one of the very few to keep up the whole time.  Grace started off her nationals on a winning note as well taking her first match 60 60.

Tina Kreinis, the tournaments 8th seed, started off her nationals event with a 62 76 win over BC player Cassidy Chung.  Tina fell behind in the second set 52 but rallied for an exciting 76 finish, taking care of business quickly in the tiebreaker.  Unfortunately Tina did not fair as well in her second match and was upset by a local player – Stacey Fung.  Stacey was a very solid baseliner and Tina consistency and movement let her down in this match.  We will hope for Tina to rebound on Wednesday as Tuesday is a day off of singles for her.

Adrian Mag from Windsor started off his nationals with a convincing 60 60 win over teammate Jet Bent Lee.  Although I’m not sure Bent Lee brought his top game on this day, Mag played very steady throughout this match and is looking very confident right now.

Christian Lakoseljac won his first match 60 63.  I had the pleasure of working with Christian down in Florida a few months ago and was very impressed with the improvements he has made.  Christian is a great kid and I look forward to following his success this week!

Charlotte Petrick, the #1 seed in the event, started off her quest for her first National Championship quite well dispatching her first round opponent – Ashley Zhu – quite quickly 61 61.  I have been working with Charlotte for a few years now and with her recent success lately on the international scene, Charlotte looks very focused and ready for this event.

Niki Carnovale, the #2 seed and perhaps Charlotte’s biggest competition at this event started off cool and calm, as Niki usually is.  Niki enjoyed a 61 61 win in her opening match.  Niki plays at ACE Tennis in Burlington with the group and the academy is really behind her this week!

That’s it for my first day report.  Tuesday and Wednesday will see more round robin play, with the exciting flight playoffs starting on Thursday.

More from me tomorrow!

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