Live Update on Milos from Casey: March 15th 2011

Written by: Casey Curtis

Hello again everyone- I am writing this at 35000 feet on my way to Indian Wells! I am not sure if this is what Pierre had in mind when he asked me to blog often but I kind of like it! This trip was sort of a last minute decision and it was helped along by the fact that my college coach, Richard (Rich) Anderson called me the other night to tell me that he was going to be heading to the tournament with a friend. I haven’t seen Rich in about 30 years so I am very excited about that as well as having a chance to watch that other guy play a little tennis! There are also a few more old buddies from California that I haven’t seen in years also so it will be great to catch up on things with them too.

Rich had a tremendous influence on me as a player and as an individual. He is about as classy a person as you will ever see and I will never forget the things that he taught me. He has been watching Milos rise through the rankings with the rest of us. I told Rich about Milos several years ago and mentioned that one day we would be doing exactly what we are doing this week! Something to look forward to.

As for Milos – Well he continues to impress. Although I could only watch the live scores on the internet yesterday it was fairly clear that Milos didn’t have his A game going. So this was a test to see if he could execute the Words of Wisdom that he received from Pete Sampras back in San Jose. Pete told Milos that you must be able to find a way to win even on your bad days. I don’t know that Milos would call yesterday a bad day. It was certainly not his best day of serving, but his sharpened ground game made up for that and allowed him to defeat his opponent in straight sets. Guess what happens when the serve comes back!!

I am hoping to get to the tournament in time to catch Milos and his partner Feliciano Lopez play the Bryan brothers in doubs. late this afternoon. Should be fun to watch. Milos has not been playing doubles in tournaments for awhile, choosing instead to conserve energy and focus on his singles matches. So this will also be a bit of a test to see how that goes. I think at this point of his career in particular, it is a very smart decision for him to play doubles. John McEnroe always said that it helped keep certain aspects of his game sharp-returns, volleys, etc…  I have a feeling it will help Milos with converting his break chances by sharpening his overall return of serves, thus allowing him to put even more pressure on his opponents, especially on key points. I’ll write more when I arrive at the tournament.

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