Scott Dunlop: Getting Better (Part 2)

Unlike most sports, which you simply cannot play as you age, you can keep playing tennis and improving throughout your active life.

I have been playing tennis most of my life. I do not play that often and occasionally miss months at a time but I keep it going. I also play with people at all levels. Previously, I played competitively, taught professionally and coached top ranked junior players. One thing proven to myself is that my tennis playing is improving as I age. I cannot say that my present game would be able to compete with my former competitive self or with today’s players at my former competitive level…but Iam a much improved player. I know now much more about what kind of ball is being hit to me and what to do with it. My strokes are better and my ability to handle pressure, disppointment and success is way better. So overall I think I am a better player.

One reason for this is I was taught and learned good fundamentals. Good stroke fundamentals together with practice result in a more sure and accurate shot. So …certainly you can improve your stroke production as you age. But it is not essential to have the best strokes. Even with quirky strokes, if you keep playing and practicingyou will become a better player. The mantra for success at any endeavour is not talent or ability but  to put in many hours of playing and dedicated practice.

Aging does limit  your ability to move quickly. However, although you may not get to as many balls, when you do get there you can be in a better position, know what to do with the ball and strike the ball better to a better place. This means your tennis playing is better.

A New Reality By Nicolas Pereira

This past week in the World Team Tennis ‘Bubble” I have seen the efforts to keep everyone safe while carrying on a team competition with around 60/70 players and coaches onsite. Counting organizers, officials, media, and support personnel are around 150 people trying hard to make this happen. I am very impressed by how the strict protocol has been handled and how everyone is invested in making this event a success, but The Open is a completely different scale of details.

ONcourt Interviews NGTL Co-Founder Yves Boulais

It does not matter that you get your rating playing locally or that you had spent an insidious amount of money playing the ITF junior tour tournaments. Your rating is your level of play (you get no bonus for playing more or playing far away). This allows us to break free of the ITF competitive structure potentially saving us time, money, and headache. We see this as a great opportunity to improve the logistic of our sport.

Brandon Burke (son of ACE President Doug Burke) Elected to WTA Board

As revealed in a recent news release issued by the WTA Tour – Brandon Burke has been elected to the WTA Board of Directors (to start officially in September). Oncourt got together with Brandon to delve a bit more into his background and to gain some insight into this wonderful appointment he has attained at such a young age.