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Pierre ‘The Bear’ Lamarche: “Boulais Joins Tennis Canada”

Pierre ‘The Bear’ Lamarche: “Boulais Joins Tennis Canada”

Written by: Pierre ‘The Bear’ Lamarche


***Pierre Lamarche has been an outspoken proponent of Canadian tennis and how the sport should have a major place in the Canadian sport landscape. He believes this lofty ambition can only be achieved through the combination of success on the international professional competitive scene, with the required domestic infrastructure and a true partnership between Tennis Canada and the tennis private sector.***


Yves Boulais, a long time fixture of Canadian tennis will reintegrate into the Canadian Tennis Family and become the Director of High Performance Clubs and Under 10 Talent Development. Boulais who is married to former WTA top 30 Patricia Hy-Boulais is well-known and respected by many Canadian players and coaches who have had working and personal relationships with him over the last twenty five years.

Boulais started his coaching career with Hall of Fame Coach, Louis Cayer in Quebec and eventually moved to Toronto with the All-Canadian Academy where he assembled a who’s who of the women’s tennis scene. Besides Patricia Hy, Maureen Drake, Rene Simpson, Helen Kelesi and Sonja Jeyaseelan all benefitted from his tutelage at All-Canadian, as well as with Canada’s Fed Cup team and the WTA tour. A “no-nonsense approach” type of guy he helped in the development of Eugenie Bouchard and has recently been involved with top 50 WTA player American Alison Riske. Boulais will continue as a consultant to Riske’s career while taking on his new role at Tennis Canada.

Boulais comes back to Tennis Canada only seven months after taking a senior director post at the JTCC in College Park, Maryland. His wife Patricia also had a similar post with the JTCC, the first high performance Regional Training Centre certified by the United States Tennis Association. The whole family will be relocating to Toronto in the new year.

The announcement of Boulais joining Tennis Canada happens at a very important junction for Canadian tennis. The departure of Bob Brett and the ascension of Louis Borfiga to unchallenged Director of Canadian Tennis, gives hope to many that possibly new ways can be found to restore a more harmonious relationship between Tennis Canada and the clubs who are responsible for developing the players that represent Canada on the world scene.

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4 Responses to “Pierre ‘The Bear’ Lamarche: “Boulais Joins Tennis Canada””

  1. 1
    Larry Says:

    We are very lucky to have him back. He is one of the great coaches and people. Good luck with the new job Yves!

  2. 2
    Deborah Napper Says:

    Hi Yves, I have been following Eugenie Bouchard on the internet and noticed your article in the Toronto Star. I couldn’t agree more with you that she needs to get her mind off ‘winning’. Poor thing – she really must be a bit of a nervous wreck at present, and I believe this is stopping her from being successful at present. She is in knots when she’s playing. Your article demonstrated great pearls of wisdom for her. Can you again help her as you know her problem and you know her very well. Sad to see someone suffering in the public eye as she is.

  3. 3
    Otilia Rody Says:

    wahhhh mudah dan cepat dah tentu nye lazat dan berkhasiat

  4. 4
    Ike Annis Says:

    Yeah, it would be nice to hear an explanation. But the math says I’m burning mostly fat and I’m certainly not running out of energy, so I don’t concern myself with the keto-meter.

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