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Robert Lansdorp: “Dear Mr. P Mc Enroe”

Robert Lansdorp: “Dear Mr. P Mc Enroe”

Photo Credit: Robert Lansdorp Blog

Robert Lansdorp was born in Indonesia and lived there for a total of about 10 years. At 13 a he was introduced to tennis by a friend. In Holland, where he had moved with his family, he was only able to play about 6 months a year. There were no indoor courts. In 1960 his parents decided to immigrate to California. In 1962, he played a tournament where he beat the number 1 player from Pepperdine and was offered a scholarship. Robert played number 1 for Pepperdine singles and doubles and became All-American. To read the full biography click here

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I am happy that my career started a long time ago. And my last Champion was Maria Sharapova, a Russian who had nothing to do with the USTA. I think they were trying to make her an American so the USTA could claim her, but it did not work out. Maria was or is too proud to be a Russian and good for her. The USTA 20 years ago was not as blatant and desperate for a Champions as Patrick Mc Enroe. In my early days the USTA was not into stealing players from private coaches, like Mc Enroe is. This has to stop because coaches in this country will rather work with non Americans or won’t give their heart and soul to the student, because they know that when the kid is 15 or 16 and shows great promise, the USTA will come and convince the parents to go with the USTA, instead of involving the private coach in continuing to work with his or her student. Can’t you see that Patrick? What is wrong with you??? Very attractive to the parents, because the USTA will fit the bill for everything, plus give tons of wild cards. Hopefully parents will realize that wild cards are not going to make their kids CHAMPIONS.

Take my word. It does not work. I heard that the USTA is not alone into this taking students from private coaches. I think England is doing it and I think so is Australia. Yes Australia. England we can understand, because they don’t know what the hell they are doing, and are very desperate. But Australia? France I think has a different system. If a Frenchman reads this, maybe he can explain to me what they are doing. In all my years of coaching, the USTA has never send me a student, never. Canada is sending me several young juniors. Some are just great and I am just dying to prove to the USTA that at the time Mc Enroe’s stint is up, these Canadian kids will show what a real CHAMPION is. Patrick I will do anything to prove my point. – Robert

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2 Responses to “Robert Lansdorp: “Dear Mr. P Mc Enroe””

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    Ironic Says:

    What is ironic about this article, is the fact that some of the Canadians that have been sent to Robert are in fact kids that have been selected to the National Center and sent by coaches in the center. So some of these Canadian players are being sent by a program that does the same thing he is referring to with the USTA.

  2. 2
    Peter Says:

    Touché Ironic, touché!

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