In Memory of Rene Simpson Collins

Sat, Oct 19, 2013


In Memory of Rene Simpson Collins


January 14, 1966- October 17, 2013

I knew the Simpson family when Rene was a junior. Burt and Jane always supported Rene as they helped foster the qualities you learn to respect in any champion. I was always amazed at her tenacity and competitiveness which was rare to see in a junior player.

This ability to compete while displaying the proper values you want in any individual made her special. Her junior career, followed by her unbelievable achievement of winning 44 matches at Texas Christian University and her successful professional career on the WTA tour made her a natural candidate to lead our country’s national Fed Cup Team.
As the Fed Cup captain for Canada I had the opportunity to really get to respect Rene’s passion and courage. For six years and in 10 ties against the powers of the sport France, Germany, Spain, US and Czechoslovakia she was instrumental in keeping Canada’s team in the upper echelon of the world’s team competition. As I reflect, one special moment comes to mind: Ancona, Italy – Saturday April 22 Canada vs Italy in a tie where Canada were heavy underdogs. The first match of the day on the red Italian clay courts, Rene faced heavy favourite, top 30 WTA star Sandra Cecchini. Rene was relentless, imposing her will and determination until the Italian star basically folded. The 6-4, 6-3 victory changed the whole complexity of the tie, Canada was on its way to a 3-2 victory and back in the World Group. To this day I remember Rene’s smile as she walked towards the bench after shaking hands with her opponent. I choose to remember Rene that way.

To Burt, Jane, Carol, Anne and Jason our thoughts and prayers are with you.


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6 Responses to “In Memory of Rene Simpson Collins”

  1. 1
    Nicolas Pereira Says:

    Rene and I never got along… we where to mutch alike…I respect her,cherish her and feel that her spirit will forever be around! No BS….like she would say….farewell in your new plain Ren…

  2. 2
    aj Says:


  3. 3
    Mauricio Broderick Says:

    Agreed, and it complements well the point you made last year on the starch front: that just because low-carb diets are beneficial, this does not prove that extremely low- or no-carb diets are better, or even just as good.

  4. 4
    Rebekah Hinerman Says:

    Hi We have 2 african greys and we are a little concerned about their diet we are at the moment giving them a mixture of fruit and veg in the morning and seed/pellets at night our concern is we have heard that bananas are fattening should we give every day? also their poops are very runny is this too much fruit? if we were to give them ffozen veg (thawed out of course would this be as good as fresh?)
    thank you for your help

  5. 5
    Teressa Hosack Says:

    i am starting this diet tomorrow..this ia probably the 5th time to do this diet but i’ve never finished it i always pinge so i wish i could do it this time ..i was already on a healthy diet plan of about 1000 cal a day and i’ve lost about 8 kilos but i need to lose more 10 kilos in a short time so yeah i feel like doung this diet wish me luck*finger corossed*

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    Erick Ferroni Says:

    Fauxtatoes and Gravy (I just mix some of the fauxtatoes with the drippings and some broth to make the gravy. I may boil an onion in there too for flavor)

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