Astra Tennis Club to host ACE Tennis Academy at Vaughan

Fri, Jun 21, 2013


Astra Tennis Club to host ACE Tennis Academy at Vaughan


Vito Adriano Polera, Club Director of the Astra Tennis Club located on Rutherford road, near Jane, in Vaughan announced that the club will play host to the ACE Tennis Academy as of September 1, 2013.”We are proud to know that our new club, which offered many OTA tournaments in its inaugural year of operation, will now be associated with Canada’s top developmental program for juniors. We have been committed to excellence development in youngsters as well as serving our neighbouring communities which require a first class facility coupled with first class programs offered through Tennis Canada top certified coaches”.

The ACE Tennis – Vaughan branch will be under the direction of Bill Cowan, a former ATP tour player and coach and a former member of Canada’s Davis Cup team. Cowan, who is one of a handful of level 4 Tennis Canada coach, previously operated Players Edge recognised as one of Canada’s best junior development program. Cowan was also the Tennis Director of the All-Canadian Tennis Academy [now ACE Tennis] at York university where many of Canada’s top players used to train including present Davis Cup Team members Peter Polansky and Daniel Nestor.

Cowan [Vaughan] joins former ATP tour and friend Doug Burke [Burlington], Canadian Fed Cup Team member Ekaterina Shulaeva [Toronto] and former Davis Cup player and Davis Cup and Fed Cup Captain Pierre Lamarche in providing an experienced leadership to all ACE Tennis programs. Both the Toronto and Burlington program received Tennis Canada’s coveted TDC Gold designation [two of six in Canada] in 2012-13.

Cowan said: “It’s a pleasure to work again with a group of experienced and committed coaches, who are also friends. I am looking forward to put a coaching team together in Vaughan which will meet the high standards expected from the ACE programs”. A full range of the ACE programs from progressive entry level to national level players will be available following ACE’s progressive, systematic, scientific, integrated approach.

ACE Tennis is planning to introduce a new player management system; the ACE/LMS system, which will provide for leading edge communication between ACE, the players and their parents.

Information for the programs will be available as of next week at the ACE website, the Astra Club website or through contacting Bill Cowan at Phone information can be received at 905 417 4400.

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39 Responses to “Astra Tennis Club to host ACE Tennis Academy at Vaughan”

  1. 1
    Casey Curtis Says:

    Congrats and good luck to a great group of Professionals!

  2. 2
    michael Says:

    Pierre, what the hell, you trying to monopolize the province with more of your garbage, people dont drink the kool-aid!!

  3. 3
    Pierre Says:

    Michael, Michael, Michael, so much anger for a grown man, get a life and contribute, maybe then the bitterness will disappear. ;-)

  4. 4
    michael Says:

    bitter no, right, yes. In the last 15 years since your explusion from tennis canada not one player has been developed into a pro player at your academies!!! I wish i had known this when i brought my son to your academy for development, due to the smarts of the people at tennis canada and other coaches who pointed it out to me I was made aware of this. I only am saying this so others dont fall into the same trap as I did. Michael

  5. 5
    Pierre Says:


    So much anger.
    Expulsion?, Hall of Fame, Gold TDC for seven years
    Polansky Davis Cup, Shulaeva Fed Cup
    National Champions, US scholarships, Ivy League students, excellence in youngsters is what we are about like many other great Canadian academies.
    Tennis Canada has taken over the responsibility [they are the only one with the money]of developing pro players for the last six years
    Taking responsibility for one’s success or failure is one of the most important lessons we try to instill in youngsters. You must have missed that session.
    Love and kisses, may you find some peace because we are not going away….bigger and better

  6. 6
    Tennis parents Says:

    I agree 100 percent with Michael
    Polansky came from Players Edge
    Shulaeva from Igolnik
    Whom you brought up from the beginning to the end???

  7. 7
    Pierre Says:

    Good for you you must be a frustrated tennis want to be as well.
    Polansky, Dean Coburn seven years at All-Canadian,
    Shulaeva 14 years and counting with me and ACE
    Beginning to end, you are right, NOBODY does except for Nadal
    All-Canadian, ACE is a system for development which has regrouped and developed many of the top players and coaches in this country. Pierre Lamarche, does not claim anything but being smart enough to recruit good coaches, develop good programs and support many families through a team approach.
    You can not like me, although you should because I have a great warped sense of humor, but do not discredit what we have accomplished and what we have done to support the sport, because you are discrediting some of the most prominent people in tennis whether in the private or public sector.
    You might wonder why I even reply, except you should know I am not known to suffer fools easily.
    Dream on.

  8. 8
    TennisLover Says:

    I am not associated with Ace Tennis but I can tell you that Ace is among the very best tennis academies in Canada. It has very good tennis programs run by very good coaches and there are lots of good players there. In fact, in term of tennis development, Ace ranks at the very top in Canada. This is my own observation for the past 20 years and I am a tennis parent, a tennis fanatic and a coach.

  9. 9
    michael Says:

    You are taking credit for Dean Coburn?? That is like Ron Wilson taking credit for Nazem Kadri’s development last season. You continously put down the Tennis Canada coaches for their work in NTC and now we are to believe that you had a hand in the development of those coaches?? Pierre, you cannot speak on two sides, why not take ownership of the many failures of ACE, Katy Shulaeva didnt make a dent in the pro tour either, and if thats what we are going to consider successful then we really need to re-think our objectives as a nation.

    Also, many coaches across Canada are able to get scholarships for their kids to universities, it just so happens that you have more numbers of kids at your academies, hence more kids getting scholarships. In no way does that show succcess, just mass volume and mediocrity.


  10. 10
    Pierre Says:

    Michael, I love this, your anger just seeps through and numbs your thoughts. Ever thought of getting help, envy, jealousy, warped mind are issues that professionals can help you with .

    Just to get the record straight:
    1. Dean Coburn worked at All-Canadian at York University and ACE in Burlington under the mentoring of Bill Cowan and Ari Novick. He is a hell of a coach [because he cares about his players]. I have so much respect for him we offered to rejoin us before he went to Tennis Canada. If you do not believe it ask him since you know so much about him.
    2. I don’t put down the Tennis Canada coaches, in fact many of them have had associations with All Canadian and ACE. What I question is a system that says the personal coaches of the players [such as Dean Coburn] should be replaced by a Tennis Canada coach [who are supposed to be supplementary coaches] to receive training and competitive subsidies. This is probably a little to deep for you.
    3. Katy Shulaeva reached a WTA ranking in the 200′s before going through major rehabilitation for four years. On her return she played Fed Cup for Canada, got to the finals of a Women’s Challenger before retiring at the age of 24 because of a recurring stress fracture. She is one of the most successful person I have ever coached in terms of what she has accomplished with her life.I actually resent your implications she is a champion in so many ways.
    4. When you talk about Canada, have you ever represented our country, have you ever been one of the the best in Canada, do you know what it’s like to represent this country?
    5. When you say mass, volume and mediocrity, I want you to know that I have loss any respect for you. You are talking about 100′s of Canadian youth from All Canadian and ACE that are successful role models in our society who are as much champions as the Daniel Nestor’s that I have coached [maybe I did not coach him either]

    Here is a challenge for you if you have any kind of fortitude, I’ll bet you don’t, we will publish your article “Why Pierre Lamarche, All Canadian and ACE are not who they say they are” for 7,000 ONcourt readers to have an opinion on your assertions. The only requirement is for you to send us your name, picture and background [tennis and any other]. We will be glad to publish it.

    Do not be afraid now, show us you are a big boy, Michel.

    Love and kisses.

    Pierre [ as you know]

  11. 11
    Z Says:

    The anger and frustration of a few malcontents does not warrant a response from someone who has devoted his life to helping young tennis players reach their goals.

  12. 12
    Pierre Says:


    I agree but sometimes you have to call people to own up to their opinions. Nothing wrong with an opinion, but do not hide behind
    an e-mail address. If you believe, have the courage to own up to what you say, this is a democratic country where us as Canadians should be proud of being who we are and the rights we have, unless you are not proud of who you are.

    Are you listening Michel?


    PS: By the way, Michel you would never want to meet me on a tennis court, there you cannot hide.

  13. 13
    Dr. Bob Bregman Says:

    A brief note: I dropped by TTC courts yesterday to say hello to a great pro Ben Armstrong
    who used to work with me at Mayfair. I noticed that all the juniors were happy and engaged enjoying their time on the court with all the ACE pros. Now as a parent and High Performance coach myself. this type of attitude by the kids is what is really important! In the final analysis do we not wish our kids to be happy and well coached?
    this seems to be the case at places like ACE and other fine High Performance groups such as Casey Curtis and Mark Fainblum at Mayfair.
    Good luck in your new endeavor Pierre and coaches.

  14. 14
    Pierre Says:

    Dr Bob, lets be honest you were there to see if Ben could fix your serve, which of course would make him a candidate for coach of the Year…again.
    Thanks for the comments, Ben is a great coach as you know and so are Casey and Mark. What I find truly inspiring is the number of young coaches who are dedicated to their players and their careers. We interview alot of coaches for positions at ACE and I am simply amazed at the level of commitment these coaches are willing to make. That is the quality that Ben, Casey and Mark also have.
    My only worry is for us to grow the game [new facilities] to provide opportunities for these young guys or else you and me better start looking for something else to do because there will not be enough jobs out there.

  15. 15
    D Says:

    ACE Academy, specifically Pierre has a unreachable level of respect from families within the tennis community which has been earned through out decades of continuous support. The guidance that he has provided to so many young players and their families including my own has never been advertised nor has he ever sought recognition for. It is a silent life long appreciation, and understanding that without this great man and his vision that accomplished dreams would not have been possible. There really is no need to go into any detail; the lion has no time for the opinion of the sheep. Much appreciation Pierre, continue to do what you do because nothing would be the same without you.

  16. 16
    Pierre ‘The Bear’ Lamarche: “The Bear awakens” | Says:

    [...] To see the interaction with Michael and others from this past please click here. [...]

  17. 17
    Harry Says:

    Michel is an idiot. In this year, 3 National Champions Tabuschnyk, Manji and Tabilo by ACE, Johansson, Sebov, Seguin and Robillard by TC. Now look at the money TennisCanada has compared to Ace. Yes I am counting Alejandro as well because ACE developed him into the top player he is. Just recently he moved to IMG. What does that say? With all the resources TC has, they can only develop one more National Champion than Ace?

    But Michels right. ACE is garbage.


  18. 18
    Andrey Says:

    I know Pierre for more than 10 years and absolutely agree with Michael – all Pierre’s good players were stolen from other coaches. Its basically ACE’s policy. Pierre never coached any single player from level 0,but it is most difficult in any sport

  19. 19
    robby Says:

    Harry , just to clarify a point : robillard won 14 and amg and sebastien leroux was a big part of her developpement . We spent many , i mean many hour working with her . 3 years . She is part time TC and part time Tennis 13-AMG .

    Marie Alex Leduc 15 won the 18 nationnal and now will benefit of TC help to travel the world for tournement. She came to my place at 11.5 years old , from Saguenay . Merit to her first coach Caroline Deslisle( Former All Canadien players and top femal pro double player) …gees a team effort, a gradual building…

    We are happy due to the fact that the parents caannot afford the cost of a internationnal program in excess of 80k .

    Pierre will never make a consensus and that why he is interesting . But his Passion bring so much …by far a better thing for Canadien Tennis in a Hockey Nation .
    Go Habs Go


  20. 20
    Pierre Says:

    When is Vincent coming home? Go Habs go!

  21. 21
    Harry Says:

    Even more evidence for Michel to be proven wrong. Leduc and Robillard are not even full TC. Tennis 13, coached by Robby Menard, played a more significant role in the girls success.

    Which brings upon the question. Does TC lure successful tennis players with their resources and then take credit for establishing players, when all they did is fund the players? Tennis is a financially tough sport. My opinion is that many grand slam potential players do not make it because they cannot afford the tour.

  22. 22
    Pierre Says:

    Harry, how perceptive you are?
    I mean that completely
    Erin Routliffe was developed where?
    Why does Nick Saviano say he is Bouchard’s coach

    We have so much in this country
    A great if hectic life
    A great tennis infrastructure, Tennis Canada, Provincial associations, Clubs [private and public] lets pull together and see what happens.

    I am a dreamer.

  23. 23
    Richard Francis Says:

    I am deeply saddened by the dialogue between two adults who supposedly love tennis. It left me totally embarrassed to say the least. You sound like juveniles.
    I have a simple question: How does a parent with very limited income get tennis coaching for their child without expending thousands of dollars? Every child is entitled to the best coaching available without his/her parents going bankrupt.
    Are you looking for the best tennis players or are you looking for the richest tennis players?

  24. 24
    john salvati Says:

    hey I was just looking for some tennis club to join for this winter and end up reading a dispute between “two kids”. ahahah

  25. 25
    Umar Says:

    Hey does this club exist because when I call it connects me to an optical store. If someone can give the correct number then awesome because I looked everywhere

  26. 26
    Chang Frisby Says:

    where can I get it in SA? please help I really need it

  27. 27
    Amalia Kobernick Says:

    I assumed you were already eating a relatively low carb diet, which would mean switching to a zero carb diet wouldn’t have that much of a greater affect on you.

  28. 28
    Dominic Messey Says:

    I was interested in knowing if anyone on here is over 45 and having success with this product? Since turning 45 it has been a struggle, even with exercise and a moderate diet. I had a partial hysterectomy a few years ago and showing little signs of hot flashes. I’m interested in any feedback.

  29. 29
    Fidela Lindell Says:

    Jason, don’t worry about the saturated fats:

  30. 30
    Salvatore Sieminski Says:

    also, should I take something else, like whey protein or something along with phentaslim to make it work better/faster?

  31. 31
    Gaston Goetzinger Says:

    so exciting, congrats on this!

  32. 32
    Hank Awender Says:

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  33. 33
    Felton Bolling Says:

    Lovely photos! This is a keeper, with so many possibilities. I’m going to be having this again, tomorrow, and maybe through the weekend, too.

  34. 34
    Lakeshia Fulvio Says:

    starting this tomorrow, I’m at almost 150lbs and 5’2 so I need to lose about 40lbs by september. I can only see me doing this by completing this diet with no cheating. Seriously guys, once you cheat you feel like you’ve failed and you won’t continue so avoid it as much as possible!

  35. 35
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