All-Canadian commits to over $200,000 of scholarship assistance for 2013-14 season

Thu, Jun 20, 2013


All-Canadian commits to over $200,000 of scholarship assistance for 2013-14 season

Scholarship recipients Victorya Tabunshchyk U12 2013 National Champion and Raheel Manji U16 2013 National Champion


Pierre Lamarche president of All-Canadian Sports Management Inc., the parent company of ACE Tennis announced its plans for the selection process for athlete bursaries for the 2013-14 academic season. Lamarche said “We are proud to continue our tradition of helping deserving players and their families to continue a level of training which they could not access based on their financial situation. The scholarship committee will look at applicants for all the ACE Programs at Cedar Springs in Burlington, Toronto Tennis City in Toronto and The Astra Club in Vaughan”.

ACSM has provided financial assistance for the last thirty five years to deserving Canadian tennis players requiring further support to achieve their potential. The All-Canadian fund is supported by private donations, public and corporate support and through sponsorship. Many of All-Canadian and ACE Tennis present and former national team players benefitted from this overall support of the Canadian tennis community through All-Canadian and now ACE Tennis.

Lamarche, said $200,000 would be earmarked for the support of Canadian athletes at ACE Tennis programs for the 2013-14 season. Lamarche added ”There are many private academies in Canada which support the development of youth in their communities, but the process is one that is not publicised or recognised and as such many deserving families do not know how to access this support”.

Lamarche continued by saying that highlighting the bursary program and the need for this assistance might stimulate other schools to follow the same process. As well by publicising this need it hopefully would stimulate potential supporters to assist their own local tennis schools.

All-Canadian’s $200,000 commitment is broken down in three major areas. The first one known as the “Cluster Fund” provides support in recruiting and sustaining youngsters aged 4 to 7 in their initiation to tennis. Typical programs relate to initiation into the schools, providing of equipment to entry level players and the operation of “The Doug Phillpott” Champions program at Toronto Tennis City in Toronto. The scholarship program also provides bursaries to players having achieved a certain level of excellence and whose families are capable of demonstrating financial needs. Finally, All-Canadian provides touring assistance to some of its deserving players in the form of travel and coaching assistance.

Players and families interested in the bursary component for the 2013-14 season should contact ACE Tennis president and scholarship committee president, Doug Burke at Applications are available by visiting our the ACE Tennis website, Applicants must provide legal financial documentation and apply by July 15, 2013. Players and their families must be ready to participate in an interview process.

The scholarship committee is made up of Doug Burke the President of ACE Tennis, and coaches Ekaterina Shulaeva, Head coach of International Program at ACE , Craig Mercer, Bill Cowan and Mike Hall Directors of High Performance Programs in Toronto, Vaughn and Burlington respectively, Kim Dunn, financial director and Michael Zimmerman ACE Director for Toronto operations.

The bursaries are for the Toronto, Vaughan and Burlington ACE Tennis programs of 2013-14. The selected players will be notified by August 16th, 2013.

ACE Tennis is a Gold recognised TDC by Tennis Canada and Ontario Tennis.

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