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Michael Emmett: “Is There a Connection between Rafa and Lance?”

Fri, Mar 22, 2013

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Michael Emmett: “Is There a Connection between Rafa and Lance?”

Written by: Michael Emmett


***Michael Emmett is the Director of Tennis Operations at all Mayfair clubs.  He is a certified Tennis Canada Coach 3 with a Journalism degree from the University of Texas. Michael spent several years working in sports television at TSN and Sportsnet.  Michael is a former National champion who finished his last year of junior tennis ranked #1 in Canada.  Michael has coached several National champions when he worked for the All-Canadian Academy at the National Tennis Centre at York University in the early 90s.  Michael spent 2 years traveling the world playing the ATP tour satellite circuit as a member of the Molson National Team in 1985 and ’86.***


These are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ONcourt and its publishers. For another view on the topic please see this article.

Rafael Nadal’s performance over the last month has been nothing short of amazing. Who takes seven months away from the ATP tour and comes back and wins their first Master’s series event with all the top guns in the field? History says this is impossible. This is his first hard court title since October of 2010. Nadal is 17-1 in 2013 with a perfect 4-0 record against top ten players. Nadal destroyed 17-time grand slam champion Roger Federer in the quarterfinals, losing only six games (6-4, 6-2) en route to the title. Every great tennis player in a similar situation has failed in their quest to come all the way back from a long layoff in such a short time frame. Why not Nadal? Why is he so special?

How did Lance Armstrong finish third in the Tour De France after missing five years of competitive racing? The gap in this instance is even greater – 2005 to 2009 – not surprisingly, he didn’t win the event. But he did finish third! Something most experts thought was improbable. For me, it made total sense. I lived in Austin, Texas for five years (Lance’s home town) and heard all the rumours. Apparently, they were all true.

Well, there are just as many Nadal rumours out there. I sat in a locker room a few years back and listened to three coaches discussing the steroids that Nadal was taking. One of the coaches, who was from Columbia, said he saw Nadal ingesting some sort of PEDs prior to a workout session in Monte Carlo. I know this is all hearsay, but enough people in the know have come forward to say they’ve seen it – I believe this will all come out one day – just like it did for Lance Armstrong.

My thought is they (Nadal & Armstrong) were both using steroids and engaging in blood doping. Why not, if they figured they could get away with it and gain a tremendous competitive advantage. Obviously, both men were helped immensely by their team of experts during the entire process. This is a huge gamble and a massive undertaking – it’s not a venture you go at alone.

We know Lance’s story, as he finally came clean with Oprah Winfrey a few months ago. But we also know he didn’t tell the entire truth on that platform. Evidence is there to support Armstrong was blood doping in 2009 & 2010. The lead man on the Armstrong investigation has suggested that the odds are one million to one (or greater in his opinion) that Armstrong ‘s increased blood levels are not due to blood doping.

Why did Armstrong tell the truth about everything else and not about his time between 2004 & 2009. He had the chance to come totally clean! But his lying addiction got the better of him. So sad! So disappointing! The man can never be trusted again! His lifetime ban from cycling will remain intact as a result of this calculated lie on national television in front of millions of viewers.

What about Nadal – can he be trusted? Unfortunately, I believe this is the Lance story all over again. One day, Nadal, like many of his lying, cheating predecessors before him will come forward and admit the truth in a national forum just like Lance Armstrong, Pete Rose and all the rest of the bad eggs did. But, as was the case with everybody else – it will be too late!

Has Nadal ever blood doped? You bet! Has he taken performance enhancing drugs? No doubt! Rumours are rampant and Nadal’s most recent behaviour has been curious at best. Coming out last month and urging that all the names be exposed from Dr. Fuentes (more on him later) supposed list of suspects in Operation Puerto is comical. Dr. Fuentes is infamous with Spanish athletes and their connection to blood doping and illegal drugs. Does Nadal really believe that this strategy will squash all of the chit chat about his link to PEDs? Even funnier is this is the exact formula Lance used back when he was being investigated. Rafa is mirroring Lance’s approach stride-for-stride. I guess he is naive to the fact that we can all see through this wafer thin shield he is putting up. Acting like the good will ambassador, at a time when your name is being dragged through the mud, doesn’t make people look the other way. All he is doing is bringing attention to himself at a time when he should be focused between the white lines.

Nadal’s use of banned substances is something I am very sure of. Where there is smoke there is fire and this one is burning brightly. The only problem is I don’t have proof. But every inch of my gut tells me Nadal is cheating just like many athletes out there. These guys would rather win majors then live long, healthy lives. The push to win these grand slams has never been greater. And guys like Nadal, who are chasing history, will do anything to get there. Is there a doping/drug problem in tennis? Absolutely! Are the WTA and ATP tours keeping most of this information quiet? Yes – they have to! Tennis is still a fringe sport in North America and this kind of scandal could be disastrous. Only the no-names are being exposed. The giants of the game are being treated with kid gloves in order to maintain their honour, popularity and stardom.

Remember Martina Hingis and her accelerated retirement? This was sped up in order to protect her illustrious character as one of the game’s greatest players of all time because rumours persisted she was caught using drugs. A ban for a month or two for drug use would have ruined the legacy of this superstar athlete and all of her monumental accomplishments. The WTA tour couldn’t afford this stain on its reputation when the tour’s popularity was at an all-time low. So the two sides came to an agreement – an early retirement was the only option. Any other decision could have been catastrophic.

Why do you think Nadal skipped last year’s Olympics? Do you really believe it was due to his bum knee? I don’t!

The Olympics have the most stringent testing procedures known to man. Nadal, and his surrounding team made a wise decision to take the high road prior to this global event. They knew they couldn’t mask the PED’s in London with so much visibility during the Olympics. They realized they can beat an ATP sanctioned event but not an ITF sanctioned event where the testing is quadrupled. Rafa, like Lance, has beaten many tests. But he knew it was just a matter of time, if he put himself out there in front of the drug hounds at the Olympic Games, that he’d be caught.

Nadal has bad knees – that I believe wholeheartedly. And he needed the time to rest his knees and cleanse his system from the drugs. These things take time. That’s why Lance needed so long to get back on the saddle. His burning desire to compete and win at the same time got the better of him. He shouldn’t have raced in 2009. This is a decision that will haunt him for the rest of time.

Have you seen what Nadal looks like these days? Is it his long lost brother?

Nadal’s frame, prior to the layoff, was massive. Now he looks half the size. When he came back to the tour for his first event in south America in February I did not recognize him. What can be the answer for such a drastic reduction in muscle mass? The simple answer is Performance Enhancing Drugs. Nadal was on them, and now he’s not.

His brilliant performance in the finals of the BNP Paribas Open last weekend was due to his hard work on the court, concurrently with the blood doping, which was not being tested at Indian Wells. He outlasted Del Potro in dominating style in the final set – he was not going to be denied, and the only answer can be his increased stamina due to the blood doping. He looked as fresh as a daisy in the hot humid California air, while Del Potro resembled a boxer doing the rope-a-dope. Del Potro was staggering around like he was drunk near the latter stages of the match. Nadal’s Hard work alone could not achieve these stunning results at such an early stage of the comeback.

As mentioned, Rafa’s name has been associated with Dr. Fuentes. If and when Dr. Fuentes ever names his clients, speculation is out there that Nadal would be front and centre on this enormous roster. This list includes Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso and Tour de France winner Alberto Contador, who are now branded as drug cheaters forever.

Furthermore, and what is striking, is that many marquee names that have been mentioned by Fuentes, such as Nadal, or even most of Spain’s World Cup soccer team, seem to have been blatantly ignored by the sporting authorities and governing bodies. Fuentes has been quoted as saying, “if I talked, the Spanish team would be stripped of their 2010 World Cup victory.”

Finally, and maybe most interestingly, is Nadal’s habit of performing brilliantly in the slams and 1000 level events worldwide, and taking time off between these events in order to rest. Rather than struggle through these lesser events, he chooses not to play. Having regular gaps (nobody does this better than Nadal) from major to major is often seen as an indicator of an athlete following a specific cycle in the use of certain stimulants.

As mentioned already, I can’t prove this, but I’d bet every last penny I’m correct in my opinion. Is he or isn’t he? Your guess is as good as mine!

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127 Responses to “Michael Emmett: “Is There a Connection between Rafa and Lance?””

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  1. 51
    Jake Says:


    You need to read up on the ITF’s Drug Testing protocols before the Beijing Olympic Games. It was Woeful.


    Nadal has only recently started to call for stricter measures. Before this year, Nadal was a serial complainer when it came to drug testing. All he did was complain complain complain (Look it up, Google is your friend). According to him “It’s intrusive, I feel persecuted”. And still testing was still very lax. Now Post Armstrong he has done a complete 180. His PR team are great.

  2. 52
    Jake Says:


    You need to read up on the ITF’s Drug Testing protocols before the Beijing Olympic Games. It was Woeful.


    Nadal has only recently started to call for stricter measures. Before this year, Nadal was a serial complainer when it came to drug testing. All he did was complain complain complain (Look it up, Google is your friend). According to him “It’s intrusive, I feel persecuted”. And still testing was still very lax. Now Post Armstrong he has done a complete 180. His PR team are great.

  3. 53
    TennisGirl Says:

    Sad, embarrassing article. Nadal has previously WON the Olympics. What was the deal then? He dropped his doping cycle (hmmm, but if he can without it, why do it)? He took his chances? So why not do that again if he had a technique hammered out before?

    Furthermore, “gut feelings” are the basis of nothing — people also have “gut feelings” about all kinds of things that are flat out wrong — and should NEVER be used to publicly implicate someone. In the Armstrong case, NUMEROUS insiders had said for years that LA had doped and many who raced with him were caught. Nothing like that has happened in tennis.

    Finally, LA doped as he did because that was the culture of cycling. It doesn’t excuse the horrible lies he told, but you failed to mention that the entirety of his competition was also doping. There is no evidence to date that such a culture exists in tennis. It might, but if it does, it will impact all of your favorite players, most likely, and not just Nadal.

  4. 54
    Youreanasshole Says:

    You are stupid. Fuck off.

  5. 55
    Robert Says:

    Tennis is largely a mental game. Roid rage would not help you win.

  6. 56
    kitty Says:

    Dude. I can hardly stop laughing. Not sure if this is sour grapes because you didn’t do great in tennis or as a respectable journalist. Rafa is very trim. Was before his layoff too. I saw him in person in WTF 2011 standing beside federer. I could only distinguish them by their clothing colour. You must have widescreen set on your Tv. Watched him practice close up too for ages. Even Tsonga is much smaller in person. Nadal in rome final this year is same size as now. Incredible someone can spout such nonsense when all they really need is an eyetest and a colonoscopy to sort out those ‘gut feelings’. You’ll bet you’re right?? I’ll take that bet so.

  7. 57
    kitty Says:

    Just read a comment by Reggid who gave his opinion that both Rafa and Serena are both doping.then listed the ‘obvious’ signs of doping but only as applied to Serena. Do lets apply them to Nadal shall we? Receeding hairline-no he doesn’t though Federer and many other male players do. Bald spot-yes this is developing the past couple of years but seems a family trait on his mother’s side. Andy Murray is showing a bald patch the last couple of years too-hope he’s watching his back. Poor Roddick and Aggassi have just been convicted on this point alone. Elongated head-eh no. Expanding jawline -no. Moon face -no he has lovely defined cheekbones. Bad skin – no though he did have 1 spot when he was 16 I believe. Hulky muscle -no just more than federer, elongated Isner and even Caroline Wozniaki has more muscle than federer. I’ve seen him up close and I’ve dated guys who never played sport but had more muscles. Increased power and endurance-no he’s always has this. If anything he’s improved his serve and tries to shortened points to reduce energy expenditure and seems to try to schedule matches for the cool of the evening. Look at some of his earlier matches and compare. Bizarre emotional outbursts – ha ha ha. This one describes Djokovic and occasionally Federer, Jerzy Janovitz, Tommy Haas, Roddick, Tomic, Bolgomolov…. not Nadal. Guess this guy started off dissing both Nadal and Serena then realised he couldn’t apply any of this to Nadal and shut up. Nadal has been a noticeable talent since he was an 8 year old child and I refuse to belueve his uncle

  8. 58
    kitty Says:

    I refuse to believe his uncle and coach and his family doped him as a kid. The one thing he seems to have is mental toughness which is missing in the also-rans of many top 20 players and is often underestimated by those who don’t have it. He’s always been good, no sudden improvements just hard work and gradual improvements. A layoff esp when for a long period can give a whole new lease of life and appreciation of the game, and allow you to discover the joy of competing. This is where Federer loses out if you will. He’s never had long periods out so for him it’s always a daily grind, that Monday to Friday feeling and he’s lost mental sharpness. Nadal is playing well in Cincinnati cos he knows his time left is short and unpredictable and this is probably his last spurt so he’s gunning for those titles that have eluded him so far. Nadal fans are expecting payback and more injuries but it will have been worth it. What is obvious is the efforts he’s making to have shorter matches and if you were doping you wouldn’t need to. If you can win matches without drugs why do it. Is the olympics the only tournament that drug tests competitors? He’s only gone out early in Wimbledon this year which was plagued by multiple withdrawals and loses of top players so Sharapova, Azarenka, Federer would have similar questions to answer surely. It’s always sad when top athletes are found to have cheated but to assume all top athletes are guilty…. Or just to pick on someone you don’t like and accuse them -that’s despicable. The majority of athletes are clean I believe. The reason Nadal probably won’t sue over this article is likely because he’s never heard of it or him – the real reason this article was written I think.

  9. 59
    Annie Keegan Says:

    This is the most libelous bunch of bull. period. Rafa has no outward symptoms. No rage, no acne.

    There is no appreciation of his work ethic and philosophy about the game. He doesn’t excel because of drugs. He excels because he WORKS! He works harder than any other player who has ever played the game. And that is the unanimous opinion of all the players on tour. It’s plain to see. His practices are two hours or more. His practice regime is transparent for the public to see. His physique has been the same since he was 14.

    So sad. This is just sour grapes. There are no rumors about Rafa. If there were any suspicions in the locker room, you can be sure that Federer would have said something. No way would he let his records get crushed by Rafa if he thought Rafa was cheating. But Federer has nothing but respect for Rafa.

    This article is irresponsible crap.

  10. 60
    rudy3 Says:

    so let me get this straight….prior to the layoff, he was using steroids and after blood doping? I’ve seen Rafa at IW 3 yrs in a row. His body is no different. He is a little lighter. And he has said he lost weight.

    Sir, you have written irresponsible crap in order to put yourself out in the public and get whatever you get. Do you get paid for this? Are you a credible journalist? A tabloidist? An amateur blogger?

    You are not even a good writer. You have no sources. You have no point of fact. And you change your POV’s from beginning to end of the article.

    I wonder if you have any skeletons in your closet. Other than your not good enough to make it tennis career.

  11. 61
    Annie Keegan Says:

    Commenters: Please don’t refer to this story or it’s author as journalism of any kind.

    There are no sources, no direct quotes, no facts, no evidence.

    This is fiction.

    And an insult to one of the greatest sportsmen who has ever competed.

  12. 62
    DanielleC Says:

    Yeah so he won the Olympics in 08 so would he not have been caught by the strict
    ITF then? This is pretty embarrassing. You have a gut feeling he is a cheat? Well the ATP should just ban him right now then. That’s all the evidence we need. Idiot

  13. 63
    TennisSport Says:

    That in the doping before the proof always slander is spoken, because doping is known very difficult detectable, but long before that will be talked about. I personally can only say that I hope for all tennis players that the rumours( for some time) about Rafa are wrong. Anyway, the author rejects sure strongly out of the window, but it is sometimes realy difficult to have not any question marks on Rafa. But how i said, i hope it for all Tennisplayer it is wrong.

  14. 64
    tennisfan48 Says:

    It still amazes me how delusional some people are. I don’t mean the author….I’m referencing Nadal adorers. I’ve been a hard core tennis fan for over 30 years but what I’m witnessing now truly sickens me. Look, what Nadal’s doing is far from normal. 7 months off from a “career threatening” injury and he wins 9 of 12 events?!? He’s 53-3?!? On hard courts?!? He & Serena- what a pair! Evidently, people have forgotten the names Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong…along with loads of cyclists, runners & Baseball players. Of course, some athletes never get caught like Carl Lewis. Personally, tennis needs a serious purging.

  15. 65
    Daniela Says:

    nowadays, being good, means cheating, by taking drugs?

    It’s not like Nadal before his comeback, was nobody. Before his pause, he was NR 1. And I’m pretty sure that he hardly worked in this months to keep the best shape.

    Just because he had an awesome comeback, doesn’t mean he’s taking any kind of drugs/steroids.

    For me, you’re just an Djokovic fan, who thought to spread lies about the enemy, in order to create rumors.

    You should take a lesson of fair-play from Nadal!

  16. 66
    DK Wilson Says:

    Whoo-hoo, look at all the Nadal sycophants!

    There is plenty of damning info on Nadal pointing to him doping. For example, all you Internet users, I’m sure you can search and find the infamous Spanish doping doc who was and is willing to give sworn testimony about Uncle Tony approaching him to dope a 17-year old Rafael just like I did. Because the doc was under investigation at the time he couldn’t do anything, so he turned Tony onto his protege, who was more than willing to administer doping treatments to Rafael Nadal – and, according to the doc did so (you find the info, I’m not your personal researcher).

    There’s also the fact – leaked – that the reason Nadal skipped the 2009 Wimbledon was because he failed a drug test. If he played the result would be made public if he claimed he was injured, the ATP would keep the test quiet… guess what “Rafa,” the guy who can’t execute a down the line slice backhand approach shot or hit a volley with the proper continental grip if god said lightning would strike Nadal if he failed to execute these two rudimentary aspects of the game, did?

    He punted on the game’s most prized event.

  17. 67
    Fan Says:

    Love it. Nadal fans are too narrow minded in thier thinking that to them anybody that accuses Nadal of doping MUST BE a Federer fan. They are so stupid that they don’t realize that EVERYONE (not just a particular fan group) is suspicious of him even more so now that he has had a Lance Armstrong type comeback (emotional investment in a certain player can cloud judgement after-all). Nadal fans all seem to share one brain cell it seems. The truth is going to come out soon.

  18. 68
    gjh11 Says:

    You have a gut feeling.. how can it be? Really, you say you believe Rafa has bad knees. I agree with my Rafa people there is no proof what so ever!Can you explain how this would help his knees?? Because it wouldn’t the last thing you want is PED for what his problem is because it wouldn’t effect the ligaments and tendons in a positive way at all. He was given a new stem cell treatment over a year ago it’s legal and he was told time would tell if it worked, they are very painful injections with that and laser ultrasound therapy plus lighting his frame while building up his quads and special training is why Rafa is playing so well plus he’s the strongest mentally. By the way they also gossip and say he’s had butt implants does your gut believe that to!!

  19. 69
    Kristina Says:

    This article was an interesting read. It is enough to raise suspicions. If he is not guilty then he won’t have to worry when they eventually have more stringent testing in tennis. His comeback seems unreal. I think the author must have very strong feelings on this or he wouldn’t risk going out on this limb.

  20. 70
    Julian Says:

    I’m with you 100%. This is the guy who said they was serious doubt he could ever play the US Hard Court season again, then never loses a match. Uncle Toni says “Rafa’s just got used to playing through pain”. Really?

    Remember the Agassi book. He tested for crystal meth – fact. The ATP buried it – fact. Don’t tell me the ATP want to catch Rafa just ask how many out of competition blood tests he’s missed.

  21. 71
    Randy Says:

    I agree with you. When Nadal came on the scene as a teenager, he had those big muscles. That is not normal for a kid. Uncle Tony changed him from a righty to a lefty so the family was determined to make a winner out of him whatever it took.

  22. 72
    John Says:

    I find it had to believe that Nadal was truly injured with the year he has had. Now that it has been revealed that Cilic used injuries as a cover up of a failed test, I think the same thing may have happened to Nadal last year in that he did fail a test and as a result had to serve a silent provisional suspension. It’s very similar to the events of 2009. After the unannounced AFLD tests that was carried out in Roland Garros we saw Nadal disappear for 3 months only to come back and win 3/4 slams the following year. It seems that Nadal has been caught more than once (like Odesnik) but is being protected by the ITF/ATP for obvious reasons.

    As for Cilic, there is a good chance that if the test results hadn’t been leaked by the Croatian media, he would have just disappeared for 9 months claiming to be nursing the fake injury the sustained at Wimbledon and as usual the corrupt ITF will refuse to comment.

  23. 73
    Robin Says:

    Sadly, this is not the first article written on this subject. Rafa fans just cant think about it, that it’s maybe the truth. Why doesn’t he just get tested? The truth will come out sooner or later. In the meantime, I distrust him and his Uncle Toni!!!!

  24. 74
    Marcia Fiani Says:

    Thank you for your article. I really hope there will be more and more about the subject. And more articles criticizing the “ormetta” imposed by tennis authorities (ITF, ATP and tournament directors). The Cilic’s case is a scandal, that only confirm your words: you are tested positive, you lose early and have a time banned but – PLEASE! – with a knees excuse. In this time, you clean your body of the most evident drugs. And we will be sure the Spanish judge of Dr. Fuentes case will not allow him to give the names of the blood samples. Nadal is, from the beginning of his career, a cheater, who does everything to win (on court coaching, fake mtos, time wasting, and so on). I don’t have proofs neither, but all his behavior, and this “come back” only reinforce my belief on his blood doping. Thanks again. I really hope one day, sooner than later, the truth will come out. But the money involved is big, very big.

  25. 75
    James Horton Says:

    I’m amazed someone can regurgitate this incredible pile of crap and not feel very sorry for himself. There’s no proof whatsoever about anything in this “article”. It’s just a bunch of impressions written to make fed fans less frustrated about their idol. And it’s full of half-truths (the masking of Martina!!!) twisted to make a point that was already “in his gut”. Truth is you despise Nadal´s style of play which has proven to be superior to Fed’s almighty class.
    Some comments accuse Nadal fans of being delusional, narrow minded. To me, Djockovich ascent was far more suspicious but there is no controversy with him. So is it open-minded to believe a good player can spontaneously play the arguably best season in tennis history but a consolidated great player can’t comeback and do what anyone could expect/fear he would? There it is the delusion. Better call it hallucination. Or maybe complex? Man up all you Fed fans, shit happens! @67 Fan: so you cheer for Baghdatis, Djockovic, Tsonga? HAHA!! Face the truth and don’t make up stories that fit what you already think. At least don’t call stupid whoever doesn’t agree with you. Of course you’re all Fed Fans! And not the classy ones, i guess middle-aged men who had dreams of being with the best, couldn´t take the hard work and think they’re just as classy as Fed…
    There is no evidence AND there is no “damning info” (as a commenter writes) pointing to him doping. All there is is a lot of pointing fingers from people who realize their idol wasn’t invincible, live in delusion and make up reality so it fits their day dreaming.@66 DK WILSON: Yours has to be the most awful, untruth,biased comment of all. The “information” you provide is just NOT real, you just made it up!! The infamous spanish doc has never said such thing, quote “Uncle Tony approaching him to dope a 17-year old Rafael “. It’s just NOT true (i live in Spain and it’s been just made up). It says something about you and your psychological status.
    I know this controversy is based on nothing but hatred and self-hatred but someone has to bring up the facts: Nadal´s body has NOT changed over the years, he’s always been pretty big, fast and strong. Nadal’s comebacks aren’t unusual in any sport ( or is it suspicous that a soccer player with a triad in a knee comes back to his former self?, “that” could be a “career challenging” injury, it’s not the case..). The 2011 year is considered an awful year due to his lack of PEDs, then how could he consistently reach grand slam finales in 2011? Wasn’t all his tennis based on PEDs?
    Can’t you all feel this is nonsense? A stupid written thing that throws the stone with no proof, so any kind soul would believe it? Or is it a way to “almighty” losers to feel a bit better?
    As to the comparisons to Armstrong,i have to say they’re very, very malicious. 7 months vs 4 YEARS? Are you nuts? How are those comebacks comparable?
    There is a life out there, try and catch it……………

  26. 76 Says:

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  27. 77
    The Hypocrisy towards Rafa | 17aces Says:

    [...] pollute the mind of young children who look up to him. Because I want somebody to shoot this guy:  I want to slap Cilic and all those players with law suits who’ve accused or insinuated that [...]

  28. 78
    goat Says:

    im sure he doped…but also fed and nole. nevertheless the article in detail some “facts” are wrong…the main point is ofc right…but the rest is s.hit

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  31. 81
    theodore Says:

    can anybody in the tennis world give me an answer about nadals “injuries” …it seems to me that he invents an injury every time he loses to players ranked 100 plus..does anybody know any athlete in any sport to come back from injury and achieve what nadal did?….is this natural or is something else involved…..theodore melabourne

  32. 82
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    Sprint er en af ??€?e tilf?ldige aktiviteter, der synes at give akt?rerne flere problemer, finish du ville forvente (sammen med at kaste en baseball, substantial fives og alt inden for en radius twelve foden af ??€?n basketball). De g?r rygning og dans ser cool, males bede en skuespiller til sprint, og de pludselig ligne deres ekstremiteter alle faldt i s?vn p? samme tid.
    Og i arthouse-film Vejen til Perdition, han bruger sin overaktiv bl?re som Spidey mening, n?r han undslipper en lejemorder ved at undskylde sig selv til at tage en guru.
    Hvordan Tom Hanks lader et rum fuld af voksne ved, at han skal tisse.
    Dette er ikke den eneste Hanks vs et fjendtligt milj? movie, der bruger urin til at lade os vide score. Tidligt i Apollo 13, er menneskets herred?mme in excess of rummet demonstreret ved at vise Tom Hanks tisse p? it.and derefter min urin spr?jtes hele det ydre rum, ligesom du ville forvente baseret p?, hvordan flyvemaskiner fungerer? Fascinerende! Vi er n?dt til at vise alle trin i denne proces i omhyggelige detaljer!
    Absolut ingen undtagen Tom Hanks
    Alright gutter, vi har f?et penge nok i effekter budgettet til at g?re pr?sident Kennedy sige ?n ting. Nogen id?er?
    Senere i filmen, huset g?r Hanks betale for hans arrogance ved at ?del?gge hans ?gteskab. Eller oversat til Tom Hanks tisse stream logik: Det pisser bliver tisset p?.
    Hvis det var netop disse to ikoniske ?jeblikke, ville det v?re nemt at afvise dette som en simpel svaghed for agterstavn joke er flere penis y f?tter. Guys Gump ikke var den f?rste Hanks tegn til at tr?kke Jeg har gotta pee.'sneaks ud for at udforske hemmelige hus udspil. I 'burbs anvender Hanks samme undskyldning for at unders?ge hjem af hans uhyggelige naboer.
    De fleste filmstjerner bruger deres karriere til at opbygge tilstr?kkelig trov?rdighed for at undg? vandladning sk?rmen. Adam Sandler og Ben Stiller hver havde et par piss gags tidligt p?, og s? fik de succes. Det er bare ikke en kropslig proces, vi er bygget til at dele med millioner af mennesker. Helvede, kan nogle mennesker ikke g?, hvis der er en enkelt man or woman i samme badev?relse som dem. Det er derfor, det er s? m?rkeligt, at Tom Hanks har brugt sin imponerende karriere at g?re os se ham tisse.
    Males i mods?tning til de fleste skuespillere, Tom Cruise er en fantastisk sprinter, formentlig fordi det er den eneste m?de, han ved, hvordan man bev?ger sig fra sted til sted.
    Da han opdager VVS giver statuen i forhaven en urolig str?m, han t?rt sp?rger, om det er at have prostata problemer, mens hans mandige str?m forts?tter med at str?mme frit. Her er en mand med en verden sl? holdning lade verden vide p? den eneste m?de Tom Hanks ved hvordan: tisser p? det.
    Castaway vier en hel scene til at besvare et andet sp?rgsm?l ingen p? ydersiden af ??€?om Hanks 'hoved var at sp?rge: Hvis du var fanget p? en ?de ?, hvor ville du tisse?
    Nu Tom Cruise kaster en baseball ligesom han g?r det med hans off h?nd.
    N? der er dit problem lige der.
    I starten af ??€?ilmen, Hanks og hans kone optimistisk k?be et gammelt hus, og angive om pragmatisk besk?ftiger sig med sine problemer. For eksempel, n?r toilettets VVS ikke virker, Hanks blot g?r udenfor for at tisse.
    Der er ogs? meningsfulde pee scener i Conserving Personal Ryan (mens de andre soldater taler om manglende deres m?dre, Hanks mindes om et barn, der bruges til at pisse Vs p? alles jakker) og The Terminal (hans karakter skal vente p? et vigtigt telefonopkald trods at tisse, ligesom, super d?rligt). Males Hanks kronen p? v?rket m? v?re The Green Mile.
    Ok, det er stadig 'burbs. Optagelserne Hanks snuppe hans penis i Street to Perdition var ikke n?r s? sjovt.
    5. Tom Hanks 'karriere er en Urinary Moral Perform
    five akt?rer, der pr?cis det samme i alle movie
    Tom Hanks brugte trov?rdighed han bygget op over en af ??€?e mest succesfulde virkende karrierer de seneste 50 ?r for at spille en karakter, hvis centrale konflikt var, at han ikke kunne tisse i en st?ende position. Og mens jeg kan tilgive ham for den scene, hvor Michael Clarke Duncan helbreder ham ved at snuppe hans penis, vil jeg aldrig v?re i stand til at se p? ham p? samme m?de, efter den ubehagelige shut up, som han har, hvad der kun kan beskrives som en yderst langsom orgasme mens tisser.
    Forestil dig det! At v?re i stand til bare at tisse lige i havet!
    Og der er endnu mere ikonisk scene i Forrest Gump, hvor han f?r lov til at dele sk?rmen med den mest elskede pr?sident i moderne historie, og bruger lejligheden til at fort?lle ham, at han er n?dt til at tisse (p? hvilket tidspunkt Kennedy vender sig mod kameraet og gentager, hvad han er f?et at vide re: Tom Hanks 'skulle tisse).
    I 1999 Tom Hanks var velsagtens s? stor som enhver filmstjerne nogensinde havde v?ret. Han var p? vej v?k fra Oscar vinder for Philadelphia og Forrest Gump, plus Apollo 13 (nomineret til ni Oscars) og Saving Private Ryan (nomineret igen for bedste mandlige hovedrolle). Efter i fodsporene p? retail outlet akt?rer som Daniel Day Lewis, Hanks valgte en karakter med en lammende fysisk lidelse for sin n?ste rolle i en Oscar contender. I mods?tning til alle tegn bortset fra Beavis og Butthead i denne episode, hvor de har glemt at tisse, at den fysiske lidelse var smertefuld vandladning.
    4. Tom Cruise vil finde en undskyldning for at g?re dig se ham Sprint
    Tom Hanks 'karriere, toppede med en peegasm.
    For eksempel, n?r Jim Carrey ?nskede at lave en film om hans foretrukne, antal 23 hit teatre more than hele landet. En langt mere underholdende misbrug af denne stjerne magt opst?r, n?r keep filmstjerner beslutter de ser amazing at g?re noget, og forts?t til tvinge noget ind i alle movie de laver. For eksempel.

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    Legenden siger, at Burt Ward og Adam West hjems?ge Bronson Canyon til denne dag.
    Det mest forvirrende genbrug opgave er at v?re den m?de s?t fra 1969 Barbara Streisand musikalsk Hej, Dolly! anden m?de fik genbrugt i alt fra knejsende Inferno til Abernes Planet efterf?lgeren til Arnold Schwarzenegger er den sidste actionhelt.
    Vi kan ikke vente til Spyder Maps eller F Mail for at sl? op, da tv-folk taler om Net begreber lyder ikke nok ligesom clueless ?sler.
    Hvis du ikke se Requiem s? du h?rte det i Lord of the Rings: The 2 Towers trailer. Eller i traileren for I'm Legend, eller The Da Vinci Code, eller The Fountain eller Guy on Fire eller spillet Assassins Creed. Eller m?ske har du h?rt det i annoncer for tab eller n?r dommerne g? i l?bet af hver episode af Storbritanniens Received Talent.
    Lad os sige, at du fors?ger at lave en film med et fly flykapring, et flystyrt eller noget slemt sker til et prepare. Af en eller anden grund, flyselskaberne bare ikke er villige til at betale en produktplacering gebyr for det privilegium at blive vist som forf?rdeligt farligt, s? du bliver n?dt til at opfinde din egen. Males vil du virkelig ?nsker at betale kunsten afdelingen en million bucks til at designe noget, der ikke vil blive set i mere finish et sekund, hvor disse penge i stedet kunne g? mod koks spending budget?
    Nej, og derfor stort set hver gang Hollywood har brug for at skildre et flystyrt eller en enorm flyvende ildkugle, de flyver Oceanic Airlines. Denne glatte, l?kre, helt ikke Marlboro overhovedet m?rke f?rst dukkede waaaaaay tilbage i 1963, da William Shatner k?mpede en k?mpepanda p? en flyvinge i The Twilight Zone. Og de har sl?et op s? sent som Burn Observe.
    Den smule musik fra Requiem to get a Dream er nu en af ??€?e mest popul?re stykker af trailer musik nogensinde. guys ironisk nok var det ikke i traileren for Requiem for a Dream.
    Males at bygningen har intet p? den gamle Battersea Electrical power Station, ogs? i London. Det dukkede op i The Dark Knight (den lager, hvor Rachel Dawes blev spr?ngt i luften) samt b?rn af m?nd, 1984, Complete Metal Jacket og episoder af Dr. Who og Lost.
    Filmmusik f? deres egen andel af kilometertal, ogs?. Brug for en dramatisk luns af musik, der kan bygge begejstring for noget, nogensinde? Bare pr?v Lux Aeterna fra Requiem For any Dream soundtrack.
    Males sandsynligvis den bedstefaderen til alle genbruges Californien steder er den ?rv?rdige Bronson Canyon. Ikke overraskende opkaldt efter episk oversk?g / skydev?ben wielder Charles Bronson har Bronson Canyon blevet brugt som en billig r?v rock med en hulens indgang placering siden 1919 Det var indgangen til Bat Cave i den gamle Batman tv-show:
    Holy shit, hvis Hej, Dolly! havde medtaget en fabrik scene, ville Hollywood har aldrig haft til at bygge et andet s?t.
    Betyder det ser bekendt? Det skal hvis du har set hurtige tider p? Ridgemont High. Eller fedt. Eller The Wonder Years. Eller Christine. Eller halvdelen af ??€?e episoder af andre tv-shows, der tilf?ldigvis finde sted i en skole. Det er Van Nuys Large School, og vi g?tter det er temmelig forbandet sv?rt at f? en uddannelse der, n?r hver anden dag er der et filmhold skyde en forbandet kommer af alder dramakomedie.
    I stedet, den mest popul?re s?gemaskine i Tv universet er noget, der hedder Finder Spyder, som fuldst?ndig dominerer s?gemarkedet i Heroes, Prison Break, CSI, Dexter og mindst et dusin andre shows.
    five ting Hollywood genbruger Greater than Plots
    Alligevel er alle disse ikke f?et noget p? Wilhelm Scream:
    I stedet gik producenterne med Strolling on Sunshine.
    N?r du t?nker p? en ildevarslende tordenskrald, du t?nker p? Slottet Thunder, et klip, der har v?ret i kontinuerlig brug i 70 forbandede ?r. Det blev registreret for Frankenstein i 1931, og siden da du har h?rt det i Ghostbusters, Tilbage til fremtiden, Initially Blood, Citizen Kane, Die Very hard four og godt, temmelig meget hver skide movie, der har haft torden i det, da din bedstefar var et lille barn.
    En fyr skreg ind i en mikrofon omkring 60 ?r siden, og det har v?ret at dukke op i movie lige siden. Det blev oprindeligt registreret for en film kaldet Distant Drums i 1951 som en r?kke smertede skrig, som blev genbrugt i et par film, og derefter mistede indtil omkring twenty ?r senere, da Ben Burtt fandt skriget p? en spole m?rket Guy bliver spist af alligator og stak den i Star Wars, som lyden af ??€?n Storm Trooper falder ned fra en afsats.
    Der er en grund til. Den fremmede rede i udl?ndingeloven var faktisk en forladt kraftv?rk i London. Og det er ikke sidste gang du s? det; i Tim Burtons f?rste Batman-film, hvor Jack Nicholson bliver Jokeren underneath en skudveksling p? Axis Chemical compounds? Den blev optaget p? samme forbandede kraftv?rk. De re selv brugt nogle af s?ttene James Cameron efterladt.
    Heldigvis lydteknikere har en lydeffekter bibliotek, et stort lager af alt fra l?ve br?ler til b?rns latter til regn p? et bliktag. Og det lort bliver brugt igen og igen og igen.
    Burtt medtaget det i hvert Star Wars og Indiana Jones-film, og det er blevet en k?rer i sp?g med lyddesignere lige siden, der viser op i alt fra Poltergeist til Pirates of your Caribbean. S? der oprindeligt blev optaget skriget? Der er en historie, som et par lyssky bes?tningsmedlemmer p? Distant Drums faktisk kidnappet og dr?bt en vagabond i Santa Monica, og indspillet hans skrig. Dette er imidlertid usandt og faktisk vi lige gjort det op. Skriget er mest sandsynligt Sheb Wooley, en karakter skuespiller, der var i den movie, og som ved den m?de, sang Purple Everyday people Eater sang nogle af jer har h?rt vokser op.
    Lyden er ligesom motorsav fyr, der f?lger dig rundt: Du ville savne det, hvis det var v?k.
    Vi kan forst?, hvorfor intet luftfartsselskab ?nsker at v?re i en kapring film, og hvorfor tv-net ikke er store p? at godkende et bestemt cigaretm?rke (efter alle, cigaret tv-annoncer er blevet forbudt i n?sten 40 ?r). Guys hvorfor fanden kan de ikke vise nogen ved hj?lp af Google, n?r det er tid til, du ved, Google noget?
    Hey, er, at den nye hovedstol eller dommer Reinhold?
    Et af de vigtigste dele af filmproduktion er ogs? den ene publikum n?sten aldrig t?nker: lydeffekter. P? bare nogle tilf?ldige skudt af en fyr og en pige g? ned et fortov, ikke kun du har redubbed dialog til at d?kke for det faktum, at Scarlet Johansson farted in excess of en af ??€?he Dude linjer, males klangflader tilsat i henhold til den. Fra renere klingende fodspor, til lyden af ??€?asserende biler, til gr?shopperne k?rer v?k i det fjerne. Du beh?ver ikke m?rke til det, men du ville sikker varsel, hvis det ikke var der.
    Og har siden sl?et op i Star Trek VI, Army of Darkness, Cabin Fever, The Scorpion King utallige andre.

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