Michael Emmett: “Is There a Connection between Rafa and Lance?”

Fri, Mar 22, 2013


Michael Emmett: “Is There a Connection between Rafa and Lance?”

Written by: Michael Emmett


***Michael Emmett is the Director of Tennis Operations at all Mayfair clubs.  He is a certified Tennis Canada Coach 3 with a Journalism degree from the University of Texas. Michael spent several years working in sports television at TSN and Sportsnet.  Michael is a former National champion who finished his last year of junior tennis ranked #1 in Canada.  Michael has coached several National champions when he worked for the All-Canadian Academy at the National Tennis Centre at York University in the early 90s.  Michael spent 2 years traveling the world playing the ATP tour satellite circuit as a member of the Molson National Team in 1985 and ’86.***


These are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ONcourt and its publishers. For another view on the topic please see this article.

Rafael Nadal’s performance over the last month has been nothing short of amazing. Who takes seven months away from the ATP tour and comes back and wins their first Master’s series event with all the top guns in the field? History says this is impossible. This is his first hard court title since October of 2010. Nadal is 17-1 in 2013 with a perfect 4-0 record against top ten players. Nadal destroyed 17-time grand slam champion Roger Federer in the quarterfinals, losing only six games (6-4, 6-2) en route to the title. Every great tennis player in a similar situation has failed in their quest to come all the way back from a long layoff in such a short time frame. Why not Nadal? Why is he so special?

How did Lance Armstrong finish third in the Tour De France after missing five years of competitive racing? The gap in this instance is even greater – 2005 to 2009 – not surprisingly, he didn’t win the event. But he did finish third! Something most experts thought was improbable. For me, it made total sense. I lived in Austin, Texas for five years (Lance’s home town) and heard all the rumours. Apparently, they were all true.

Well, there are just as many Nadal rumours out there. I sat in a locker room a few years back and listened to three coaches discussing the steroids that Nadal was taking. One of the coaches, who was from Columbia, said he saw Nadal ingesting some sort of PEDs prior to a workout session in Monte Carlo. I know this is all hearsay, but enough people in the know have come forward to say they’ve seen it – I believe this will all come out one day – just like it did for Lance Armstrong.

My thought is they (Nadal & Armstrong) were both using steroids and engaging in blood doping. Why not, if they figured they could get away with it and gain a tremendous competitive advantage. Obviously, both men were helped immensely by their team of experts during the entire process. This is a huge gamble and a massive undertaking – it’s not a venture you go at alone.

We know Lance’s story, as he finally came clean with Oprah Winfrey a few months ago. But we also know he didn’t tell the entire truth on that platform. Evidence is there to support Armstrong was blood doping in 2009 & 2010. The lead man on the Armstrong investigation has suggested that the odds are one million to one (or greater in his opinion) that Armstrong ‘s increased blood levels are not due to blood doping.

Why did Armstrong tell the truth about everything else and not about his time between 2004 & 2009. He had the chance to come totally clean! But his lying addiction got the better of him. So sad! So disappointing! The man can never be trusted again! His lifetime ban from cycling will remain intact as a result of this calculated lie on national television in front of millions of viewers.

What about Nadal – can he be trusted? Unfortunately, I believe this is the Lance story all over again. One day, Nadal, like many of his lying, cheating predecessors before him will come forward and admit the truth in a national forum just like Lance Armstrong, Pete Rose and all the rest of the bad eggs did. But, as was the case with everybody else – it will be too late!

Has Nadal ever blood doped? You bet! Has he taken performance enhancing drugs? No doubt! Rumours are rampant and Nadal’s most recent behaviour has been curious at best. Coming out last month and urging that all the names be exposed from Dr. Fuentes (more on him later) supposed list of suspects in Operation Puerto is comical. Dr. Fuentes is infamous with Spanish athletes and their connection to blood doping and illegal drugs. Does Nadal really believe that this strategy will squash all of the chit chat about his link to PEDs? Even funnier is this is the exact formula Lance used back when he was being investigated. Rafa is mirroring Lance’s approach stride-for-stride. I guess he is naive to the fact that we can all see through this wafer thin shield he is putting up. Acting like the good will ambassador, at a time when your name is being dragged through the mud, doesn’t make people look the other way. All he is doing is bringing attention to himself at a time when he should be focused between the white lines.

Nadal’s use of banned substances is something I am very sure of. Where there is smoke there is fire and this one is burning brightly. The only problem is I don’t have proof. But every inch of my gut tells me Nadal is cheating just like many athletes out there. These guys would rather win majors then live long, healthy lives. The push to win these grand slams has never been greater. And guys like Nadal, who are chasing history, will do anything to get there. Is there a doping/drug problem in tennis? Absolutely! Are the WTA and ATP tours keeping most of this information quiet? Yes – they have to! Tennis is still a fringe sport in North America and this kind of scandal could be disastrous. Only the no-names are being exposed. The giants of the game are being treated with kid gloves in order to maintain their honour, popularity and stardom.

Remember Martina Hingis and her accelerated retirement? This was sped up in order to protect her illustrious character as one of the game’s greatest players of all time because rumours persisted she was caught using drugs. A ban for a month or two for drug use would have ruined the legacy of this superstar athlete and all of her monumental accomplishments. The WTA tour couldn’t afford this stain on its reputation when the tour’s popularity was at an all-time low. So the two sides came to an agreement – an early retirement was the only option. Any other decision could have been catastrophic.

Why do you think Nadal skipped last year’s Olympics? Do you really believe it was due to his bum knee? I don’t!

The Olympics have the most stringent testing procedures known to man. Nadal, and his surrounding team made a wise decision to take the high road prior to this global event. They knew they couldn’t mask the PED’s in London with so much visibility during the Olympics. They realized they can beat an ATP sanctioned event but not an ITF sanctioned event where the testing is quadrupled. Rafa, like Lance, has beaten many tests. But he knew it was just a matter of time, if he put himself out there in front of the drug hounds at the Olympic Games, that he’d be caught.

Nadal has bad knees – that I believe wholeheartedly. And he needed the time to rest his knees and cleanse his system from the drugs. These things take time. That’s why Lance needed so long to get back on the saddle. His burning desire to compete and win at the same time got the better of him. He shouldn’t have raced in 2009. This is a decision that will haunt him for the rest of time.

Have you seen what Nadal looks like these days? Is it his long lost brother?

Nadal’s frame, prior to the layoff, was massive. Now he looks half the size. When he came back to the tour for his first event in south America in February I did not recognize him. What can be the answer for such a drastic reduction in muscle mass? The simple answer is Performance Enhancing Drugs. Nadal was on them, and now he’s not.

His brilliant performance in the finals of the BNP Paribas Open last weekend was due to his hard work on the court, concurrently with the blood doping, which was not being tested at Indian Wells. He outlasted Del Potro in dominating style in the final set – he was not going to be denied, and the only answer can be his increased stamina due to the blood doping. He looked as fresh as a daisy in the hot humid California air, while Del Potro resembled a boxer doing the rope-a-dope. Del Potro was staggering around like he was drunk near the latter stages of the match. Nadal’s Hard work alone could not achieve these stunning results at such an early stage of the comeback.

As mentioned, Rafa’s name has been associated with Dr. Fuentes. If and when Dr. Fuentes ever names his clients, speculation is out there that Nadal would be front and centre on this enormous roster. This list includes Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso and Tour de France winner Alberto Contador, who are now branded as drug cheaters forever.

Furthermore, and what is striking, is that many marquee names that have been mentioned by Fuentes, such as Nadal, or even most of Spain’s World Cup soccer team, seem to have been blatantly ignored by the sporting authorities and governing bodies. Fuentes has been quoted as saying, “if I talked, the Spanish team would be stripped of their 2010 World Cup victory.”

Finally, and maybe most interestingly, is Nadal’s habit of performing brilliantly in the slams and 1000 level events worldwide, and taking time off between these events in order to rest. Rather than struggle through these lesser events, he chooses not to play. Having regular gaps (nobody does this better than Nadal) from major to major is often seen as an indicator of an athlete following a specific cycle in the use of certain stimulants.

As mentioned already, I can’t prove this, but I’d bet every last penny I’m correct in my opinion. Is he or isn’t he? Your guess is as good as mine!

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  2. 102
    Mike Says:

    I can’t believe you were allowed to submit this ‘article’. Are you 10 years old? The conclusions you draw from your own admission of no proof is mind boggling. Lance Armstrong denied and threatened to sue etc. in the exact manner of someone innocent who has been accused. Does this mean that someone who is in fact innocent can longer ‘act’ in a way of someone innocent?? Unbelievably immature and illogical ‘journalism’. You better hope the Nadal lawyers don’t dig up this article or you will be in the same boat as Bachelot.

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  5. 105
    Rick Bradley Says:

    I only hope you’re right about even some of his PED use coming to light in public someday. Ditto for Serena. Can’t think of two more obvious cases. Murray’s dramatic increase in muscle mass and endurance in recent years also looks suspicious to me but the evidence pointing to Nadal is well-documented and an incredibly long, long list.

    My fear, however, is that Lance was the exception: unlucky to get caught, despite higher risks — a team sport (whereas Rafa’s team does not include other active players and has remained consistently closed and tightly knit for his career by contrast) and he wasn’t as careful; I suspect Rafa and his team has been learning from such mistakes.

    I have my doubts that any more than a minority of drug cheats get caught and publicly exposed. Just like most big money white collar crime. Keep digging, keep asking questions, and keep hoping someone does enough to start the dominos falling. It would be so much better if the sport were clean — or as close to it as technology and human nature will allow.

    That said, though, the way the wta parasitizes the atp is probably an even bigger reason why most of the world’s greatest, honest tennis players just trying to earn their living on merit, are unable to do so in professional tennis. If the two circuits kept to themselves like they do in any other sport rather than foolishly combining their events and constantly piggy-backing coverage so you can’t even watch an atp game without hearing commentary on the wta, all that marketing energy could go into the stuff that makes other sports more competitive for markets like the U.S.: promotion and analysis of junior prospects, making more players into household names, providing a much more rich and consistent context for information about the sport for fans of either atp or wta — so the average fan would know more in depth about the field and individual players.

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  10. 110
    Clelia Mattana Says:

    This article is basically a copy of what I just found after much searching, the infamous “strange case of Rafa Nadal”, a source you also mention in the beginning of your copycat article. You only added the parallel with Lance and pronto, the sensational article to bring some attention.

    Now, everything in the comments has already been said, in favor or condemning Nadal (without proof, only circumstantial facts).

    A bit of background here: I love tennis, I followed it since 1989, I went to see matches in London where I used to live for 6 years pretty regularly and saw basically all the top players matches.

    Now I want to switch the topic a bit and tell everyone the “strange case of my brother”, to give you a proof that circumstantial evidence and the consequent accusations to Nadal are a disgrace to the sport.

    All the circumstantial evidence are based mostly on a few facts:
    1) Nadal’s muscular body
    2)Nadal’s incredible endurance
    3) Nadal’s suspect absence from the tournaments for fake injuries
    4) Since Lance was a prime suspect, they had no proof until his own confession then it is mathematical that also Nadal’s case is the same.
    5)All the top players are doped, except a few ones that seem to be untouchable, see Federer.

    So based on these facts you are stating openly or just suggesting, I will lay down my brother’s weird case.

    FACT NUMBER 1) At age 18/19 he was a normal teenager, pretty average body, even a bit skinny, until he decided to join a gym for like one hour 2-3 times a week and (this was ages ago as I’m now 40 and he is 45) I still remember after not more than a couple of months a complete transformation. I couldn’t believe it, I remember his biceps, his neck, he was getting MASSIVE. The only thing he took were these proteins supplements, and eating well. Was my brother taking illegal substances? I can easily bet my own life he wasn’t. He is so conservative that bashes me for smoking, he never even tried (and he was not a sporty/healthy guy when he did), and he doesn’t even understand what doping really is.

    QUESTION: If a foolish kid like my brother was, with a lot less training than Nadal could develop incredible muscles in just a few months, don’t you think that the correlation between muscular gain and doping is not always correct?
    As soon as he turned back being a lazy bum, he quickly lost all the muscles. Easy as that. His fellow friend went to the same gym, same exercise regime, same proteins and he didn’t get that bulky. My brother has “good” genes and natural hormones for muscle growth. Usually a level of testosterone higher than usual (that runs in my family by the way) was the reason, and by age 25/26 he was also losing his hair. By age 30 he was almost bold.

    FACT NUMBER 2) After years and years of inactivity, I’m talking about 20 years, when he gain weight and even had cellulite in his stomach (and I used to mock him for that), he didn’t even go out unless he had to take the dog for a walk… after the poor dog died, he went into a state of depression and to compensate he started (very casually) to ride a bike.

    From a casual 15 minute ride he started to become obsessed with it. It was probably his drug to avoid feeling the pain of the loss of his beloved dog. Not even two years later, he was fully into biking semi-professionally at age 43, he even participated in some triathlon events. His body completely transformed once again. This time not particularly muscular, he was (in my eyes) way too skinny, like he had lost all the fat and he was only muscles.

    At 43, after 20 years of being a lazy bum) his mind switched and he was not only able to completely change his body shape but to also get ahead of guys 20 years younger than him.
    Was he taking substances? Nope. I would again put my life on the line. We are Italians, there are no secrets in our family and now more than ever, he is totally against even drinking a beer once a week.

    He injured himself for overtraining a few times and had to stop for a few months on and off, but every time he went back, probably his spirit and (to me) unhelathy obsession for the sport, put him back again at the same levelk he was before in no time.

    I tried to stop this crazy obsession of his many times as I could see that training like he was 20 and almost like a professional athlete was not good for his body, but he wouldn’t listen as riding a bike has basically become his life.

    All this “rant” about the curious case of my brother is to prove you and many other skeptics out there that you CAN’T use circumstantial evidence to accuse people of doping. My brother is the living proof that extraordinary things can happen at any age. I do believe that good genes run in our family and I believe that in my brother’s case his mind played a massive role in his performance.

    That said, I wouldn’t add anything else. Except that I respect Rafa for his super strong mind on court, his focus, his discipline, his ambition and his brilliant shots. I also have a massive respect for Federer. I love tennis and even if it’s obvious that there is doping everywhere at high levels, you can’t make such allegations with no proof whatsoever, distorting facts when convenient to make your case and using your gut feeling to trash Nadal’s reputation.

    No one is 100% sure about what is going on, no one knows if Nadal has ever taken illegal substances, except for him and his team. There is only speculation because of his muscles/endurance and great comebacks. Something that even a lazy bum like my brother could do and very late in life.

    Nadal started at age 4, tennis is his life, and his strong mind on court plays a huge role in his accomplishments. I haven’t seen many players with a higher focus on court than him, or with the willpower to come back after being down 3 games to zero, now I doubt there is a substance that will help you with that. That is what makes him a true champion. Everyone focus only on his muscles when his biggest muscle is his MIND.

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  12. 112
    R.A. Says:

    Great piece giving an account of something that is apparent to anyone (even those die-hard fans who refuse to accept the reality). Nadal is an absolute fraud and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand it.
    The Roland Garros 2017 campaign was just yet another blatant example. He could reach impossible balls like he did before and never showed the slightest sign of fatigue. By the way, can you name his biggest weapon in therms of game? It’s his endurance and physical strength of course! Anyone acquainted with tennis is aware that he is not as talented as Federer, Djokovic, Wawrinka and other top guys. Nadal and his team knew that he could only get there through doping and that’s what they did. His history speaks volumes about how he built his entire career!
    Earlier in the year, have you guys picked up on how robust and monstrous his arms and legs looked? In December 2016, he’d already warned everyone he was in his prime again and from that time on it was not hard to predict what would happen, especially during the clay season. If the ATP and the ITF hadn’t covered for him, Nadal would have already been unmasked. I just hope one day the entire world gets to learn the enormous cheater Nadal is. GUYS, LET’S NOT ALLOW THIS TOPIC TO FADE AWAY!

  13. 113
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    Passing out at press converance..balding.pointed chest.sweating like crazy..cheating in other ways.grunting.coaching from box.taking long time between serves.wada ..he takes pefs because of injuries..is fact..hmmmm wonder way injured all the time.so I can take legal PEDs..wtf…dudes a joke. Not to mention all his ticks.

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    I’m injured…give me illegal drugs..before that came out..he said I’ve never taken illegal drugs…so he lied!!!hmm…lots of injuries..hmmm….he is so bad for tennis….blood doping…I’ll take any and all bets he does.or did!!!!

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